Why Steve Jobs Missing from Mac World

Steve Jobs Dead

Why is Steve Jobs missing from MacWorld?  Some think he has health problems.  That most likely isn’t the case.

The answer is really quite simple.  Apple wants Apple to be the same even when Steve Jobs is gone.  This makes sense!  However, who would fill his shoes?

Steve Jobs is the evangelist that made Apple what it is (I almost said “Who it is”).  Who else can motivate the country by not inventing a single thing?  Apple rarely if ever has ever invented a single component themselves.  However they do something much better.  Apple puts the pieces together better than anybody else.  MP3 players are now called “iPod”.  There’s the “iPhone” then there’s “Smartphones”.  Apple sets themselves apart from everybody else.

So who from Apple can inspire Steve Jobs fanbase?

2009 should show us who that might be.

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