Google M Lab Stats

Picking up on my series about Google MLab I am just pointing out the first day of stats.

Google MLab Stats

Of the 1,370 visits to the page, 1,195 of them came right from Google.  That’s just over 87%.

Did I make any money?  I made a little but not much to cover the domain cost yet.

How can I monetize this more?  Well I’m thinking that people looking for Google MLabs might also be interested in software that makes sure their computer/internet is running at top speed.  I am going to add the following ad from Hydra Networks.

Google M Lab

Google M Lab or Google Measurement Lab is a new tool from Google that allows anybody to keep an eye on their ISPs.  This is much more than a speed test.  For example you can see if your ISP hates BitTorrent.  However as I write this article the site is not working.  Google Trends

Network Diagnostic Tool – supplied by Richard Carlson from Internet2.  Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) provides a sophisticated speed and diagnostic test. An NDT test reports more than just the upload and download speeds–it also attempts to determine what, if any, problems limited these speeds, differentiating between computer configuration and network infrastructure problems.

Glasnost – supplied by Krishna Gummadi and Marcel Dischinger from the Max Planck Institute.  Glasnost attempts to detect whether your Internet access provider is performing application-specific traffic shaping. Currently, you can test if your ISP is throttling or blocking BitTorrent.

Network Path and Application Diagnosis – supplied by Matt Mathis at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.  NPAD diagnoses some of the common problems affecting the last network mile and end-users’ systems. These are the most common causes of all performance problems on wide area network paths.

I took this a step further.  While Google put this on, they never registered or  I now own them both.

I’m taking bets on how long it takes me to receive notice from Google that I need to release these domains.

Right now I have an iFrame and Adsense on there.  Also there’s 2 other speed tests that you can run.

Google trends currently shows “measurement lab” in their 22nd spot.


Reply All Catch

I nearly accidentally “reply all” a few times a year when I only want to reply to the sender.  While it’s not earth shattering, it quite could be!  For the most part, it’s only slightly embarrassing.

Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc… should have a catch for this.  A “Are you sure that you want to send this to 100 people?” warning would be sufficient.

Gmail has a late night drunk test that you can turn on.  One would think this would be better and more used.

What to do with Phone Booths

Superman Phone Booth

When was the last time you used a phone booth or any payphone at all?  If you’re in your teens then probably never.

They’re still around however, broken and unused.

In my area of the world, Verizon is king for landlines and they own all the phones.  What to do with these?

Well, I suggest you turn them all into mini cell towers.

You don’t necessarily need to put them where Verizon Wireless has bad coverage.  You can simply embed them in the phone booths where your competition has bad coverage.  Why?  Phone companies loose money when you roam.  They end up paying the other phone companies money.  If you have a solid net of wireless mini-towers, you’ll dominate for sure.  This is also a great way to blanket a city that has little or no room for new towers.

I would not be surprised to see certain witty entrepreneurs try to get some roaming dollars this way.

Google Trends Under Terrorist Attack

Google trends is under Terrorist attack.  If you go to you may still be able to see it.  Here’s a screenshot in case you miss it.

Google Trends

So you can see, this should be quite insulting to people in the US.

It’s been known for a while that Google Trends data is not very reliable and that it is easily hacked.

I posted previously about people that had made "ǝlƃooƃ noÊŽ ʞɔnÉŸ” appear in Google trends.  (Hint: Read it upside down)

It doesn’t appear that Google cares much about the accuracy or the hackability of this.  They probably won’t until a very loud group yells at them.

Why Steve Jobs Missing from Mac World

Steve Jobs Dead

Why is Steve Jobs missing from MacWorld?  Some think he has health problems.  That most likely isn’t the case.

The answer is really quite simple.  Apple wants Apple to be the same even when Steve Jobs is gone.  This makes sense!  However, who would fill his shoes?

Steve Jobs is the evangelist that made Apple what it is (I almost said “Who it is”).  Who else can motivate the country by not inventing a single thing?  Apple rarely if ever has ever invented a single component themselves.  However they do something much better.  Apple puts the pieces together better than anybody else.  MP3 players are now called “iPod”.  There’s the “iPhone” then there’s “Smartphones”.  Apple sets themselves apart from everybody else.

So who from Apple can inspire Steve Jobs fanbase?

2009 should show us who that might be.