Things That Suck About the iPhone

iPhone Fanboys need to calm down.  The iPhone is still probably the best thing around.  There’s always room for improvements.  This is my list of reasons why I don’t have the iPhone on AT&T’s network.

#1: iTunes – I hate DRM.  I just want to drag and drop files and keep them as MP3′s.
#2: No Pix – Don’t expect to send and receive Picture Messages (Pix) attached to text messages.  You’ll pretty much only be email them around.
#3: No Flash for Web Browser – There’s no Flash in the web browser.  This means no online games and less rich content.
#4: No physical Flash – There’s no physical flash for the camera.  Pictures in the dark are worthless.
#5: No Video – There’s no video messaging there’s no way to capture video out of the box.
#6: Horrible GPS – Turn by Turn GPS is not allowed.  It’s technically capable, Apple just won’t let you.
#7: No Cut and Paste – Still can’t cut and Paste Text
#8: 2MP Camera – This should have been really at least a 3.5 Mega Pixel (MP) camera.
#9: No Voice Dialing – Want to dial completely hands free? Well too bad!

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