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I probably shouldn’t be taking about this yet, but I’m just got done creating an Alpha release of a new software service.  It says Beta on the site because most people don’t know that Alpha releases come out before Beta releases and are a lot more rough than Beta’s.

Even though this is only an alpha, I will need data before I can release this to full Beta.

The Software/Service: The serivce is PC Auditing Software.  The whole idea is to install a small service on each PC that audit’s the PC and sends the information to a database server hosted by me.  There you can report and export the data into Excel / PDFs / Etc…

My server’s bandwidth is as close to unlimited as you’re going to get.  I can download an entire DVD in 10 minutes.

The Reason: Most auditing software is expensive.  Even the cheap no-client software isn’t very good.  You need to be logged into a network/domain for it to successfully audit your machine.  Also maintaining a server is always a headache.  You constantly need to patch the server.  Also most companies that have enough security/bandwidth to host their own server can’t easily setup web machines/databases.  Licenses and hardware for a database and web server costs at least a few thousand $$$$dollars$$$$.  Also, the power to run the server all year round plus troubleshoot it.  For just a few dollars a year per PC, my software will allow you to audit ever PC with no updates/work on your part.

The website is  DotDesk as in “Virtual Desk” or “Virtual Help Desk”.

After Beta, I will eventually run a PPC campaign on it to see how many initial subscribers I can get.  After that I will probably open it up to affiliates giving out a few dollars for a signup and some incentives based on how many licenses are purchased.

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