Apple Stock Set to Explode

This is my personal opinion.

Buy Apple Stock!  Buy it Now before the Walmart rumors turn into fact!
The rumors are that you can buy the iPhone (soon) for $2 off.  While that could mean a huge jump in iPhone sales (at least 10-20%) there is another rumor that’s circulating.

Rumor: Walmart will sell a 4 gig iPhone for $99!

That’s huge!  All of a sudden, even high school and college kids can afford it without help of their parents (well at least until they get their first bill).

This could push the iPhone from being the #1 Smartphone to being the #1 phone!  Buy Apple (aapl)!

Big Three – Real Ad



You wouldn’t buy our shitty cars.
So we’ll be taking your money anyway.

The Bailout. Coming this January.

You probably thought it was smart to buy a foreign import of superior quality, with better mileage and resale value.  Maybe you even though that years of market share loss might prod us into rethinking our process and redesigning our products with better quality in mind.  But you forgot one thing:We spend a shitload of money on lobbyists.  So now you’re out $25 billioin, plus the cost of your Subaru.  Maybe next time you’ll buy American like a real man.  Either way, we’re cool.

We’re The Big Three.  We Don’t Need to Compete.

Cancel Cell Phone Contract Without Penalty

Penalties are the main reason people don’t cancel their phone contract and jump ship to a newer better and fancier phone.  Well there are 2 ways that you get out of any cell phone contract.  The Passive Aggressive way and the Aggressive way.

Passive Aggressive


The “Passive Aggressive” approach takes just a little patience and your cell phone company might need some motivating but it does work.

The entire idea is to make it cost more to keep you as a subscriber than it does to let go.  While you could keep calling customer service for an hour every day, it is much easier to just switch your phone to “Roam Only”.

The cost to most people is Zero but it might not work for some phones.  This works best for Sprint cell phones as they usually don’t lock down that feature.  You could also but a cheap used phone on eBay that is unlocked or has this feature.

The reason this works is that it costs your phone company money to use other (roaming) cell phone towers.  Eventually they will come to realize that they don’t want you as a subscriber.  If you have an unlimited data plan, this might work out great for you.  Just sync your email via roaming and send all your text messages the same way.

The Aggressive way is to complain about any contract change.  You can’t change your contract.  The cell phone company can’t change your contract either.  If they changed anything in your contract, most notably any new fee or pricing structure, your contract is now void.  They will give you a hard time about it.  However if you’re persistent they will let you off the hook.  You will need documentation though in this case.  Note the specific contract change(s) and use them as leverage in your phone call.

Things That Suck About the iPhone

iPhone Fanboys need to calm down.  The iPhone is still probably the best thing around.  There’s always room for improvements.  This is my list of reasons why I don’t have the iPhone on AT&T’s network.

#1: iTunes – I hate DRM.  I just want to drag and drop files and keep them as MP3′s.
#2: No Pix – Don’t expect to send and receive Picture Messages (Pix) attached to text messages.  You’ll pretty much only be email them around.
#3: No Flash for Web Browser – There’s no Flash in the web browser.  This means no online games and less rich content.
#4: No physical Flash – There’s no physical flash for the camera.  Pictures in the dark are worthless.
#5: No Video – There’s no video messaging there’s no way to capture video out of the box.
#6: Horrible GPS – Turn by Turn GPS is not allowed.  It’s technically capable, Apple just won’t let you.
#7: No Cut and Paste – Still can’t cut and Paste Text
#8: 2MP Camera – This should have been really at least a 3.5 Mega Pixel (MP) camera.
#9: No Voice Dialing – Want to dial completely hands free? Well too bad!

Auditing Software

I probably shouldn’t be taking about this yet, but I’m just got done creating an Alpha release of a new software service.  It says Beta on the site because most people don’t know that Alpha releases come out before Beta releases and are a lot more rough than Beta’s.

Even though this is only an alpha, I will need data before I can release this to full Beta.

The Software/Service: The serivce is PC Auditing Software.  The whole idea is to install a small service on each PC that audit’s the PC and sends the information to a database server hosted by me.  There you can report and export the data into Excel / PDFs / Etc…

My server’s bandwidth is as close to unlimited as you’re going to get.  I can download an entire DVD in 10 minutes.

The Reason: Most auditing software is expensive.  Even the cheap no-client software isn’t very good.  You need to be logged into a network/domain for it to successfully audit your machine.  Also maintaining a server is always a headache.  You constantly need to patch the server.  Also most companies that have enough security/bandwidth to host their own server can’t easily setup web machines/databases.  Licenses and hardware for a database and web server costs at least a few thousand $$$$dollars$$$$.  Also, the power to run the server all year round plus troubleshoot it.  For just a few dollars a year per PC, my software will allow you to audit ever PC with no updates/work on your part.

The website is  DotDesk as in “Virtual Desk” or “Virtual Help Desk”.

After Beta, I will eventually run a PPC campaign on it to see how many initial subscribers I can get.  After that I will probably open it up to affiliates giving out a few dollars for a signup and some incentives based on how many licenses are purchased.