Why is the Auto Industry Failing?

Everybody should be asking “Why is the American Auto Industry Failing?”.  It’s quite simply in the numbers.

# of Employees: 239,000
# of Retirees Being Paid Pensions: 775,000
# of People get Heathcare: 2,000,000+

This is a very touchy subject for America.  It’s because retirement promises were made that can’t be kept.  So should the government tax the rich more to pay for retirement or should the retirees get only a portion of what they are promised. 

I for one am not expecting any help when I retire (19 more years, age 50).  It would be in your best interest to plan for your own retirement as well.

2 thoughts on “Why is the Auto Industry Failing?”

  1. These workers did plan for their retirements. They paid into their pension funds while working. It amazes me that the big three auto makers can’t keep their retirement promises but they can pay generations of executives billions of dollars and provide them with golden parachutes. Lets get real here, the auto industry is in trouble because of greedy & shortsighted management, management that has grown rich and fat of the hard work of these middle class citizens who have worked in their factories for years. These “problems” didn’t appear overnight! This is a course plotted by big auto management. They failed to plan and in turn they planned to fail. Blaming the workers who simply want what they have already earned and paid for in this case is disgustingly immoral. Shame on you. Look at ALL THE NUMBERS, not just the numbers that suit the ultra rich auto execs. The numerical problem is that big auto has paid their ultra rich do nothing execs too much for too long, and they have paid them to fail.

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