You’re voting for the wrong reason

I like Ike
My favorite Republican was Dwight D Eisenhower.  My favorite quote is “How far you can go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without?”  What does this quote mean? Dear Ike was a brigadier general in the Army Reserve.  He was charged with the responsibility for creating the major war plans to defeat Japan and Germany.  He knew about war, and protection and he could see the future coming. Dwight knew how important military was.  He also knew that military can easily be what destroys nations from within.  Ike realized early that no county can have 100% security.  However striving for 100% national security can be a nations downfall.  Ike saw things like the “Patriot Act” coming.  Ike saw an ever growing military nation.  He also knew that people will give away their own rights in order to feel secure.  This is much like the people today voting for the candidate that appears hardest on terrorism. So don’t vote your party line.  Don’t vote based on fear.  Don’t vote for the person that will take away your rights.  Don’t vote for the candidate that will continue the tactics that have failed in the last 8 years. For America to stay the largest world power, vote for the person that makes America look the best.  Show everybody that we can change and that we are strong while not being bull headed. If you haven’t questioned voting for the other guy at least once, you’re probably voting for the wrong reason.

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