Joe the Plumber – The Real Interview

It’s actually a lot less radical than I was first expecting.  NOTE: Less than 500 people have watched the video which goes to show you, they’d rather take somebody else’s account of it.  Of course you need to know what’s really being said.

Actually Joe the Plumber’s overall taxes will probably stay the same.

Assuming Joe makes $300,000 under an O’Bama (He’s Irish You know!) plan.

1. Taxes on the $50,000+ would increase (approximately by 3%)
2. Taxes on income under $250,000 would be reduced.
3. Taxes on medical expenses would be removed.
4. Mr. Plumber would pay $1,500 more on the $50,000 but might get a bigger reduction overall.

Keep in mind this is just the “Profit” here.  NOT REVENUE
Joe the Plumber could also have company car(s) that doesn’t get taxed along with a work computer and numerous other benefits.

Corporations pay less in taxes.
There are a TON more deductions for business expenses.

I know this year I can take 20% off my mortgage off my taxes as I use it for a home office for my business.
Last year I took off all of my computer and dual 24 inch LCD monitors off of my taxes as well as office furniture as well as half my internet connection, my whole business trip to Vegas for PubCon and half the meals when I was there.

I hate the idea of taxing more and hindering the American dream, but I don’t see a way to pay for the $700,000,000,000 bailout otherwise.

If anybody has a solution that works other than just printing the money, I’m all ears.

Keep in mind the best correlation for this is the Henry Ford paid his workers MUCH more than the average worker.  Why?  He wanted them to buy his cars!


4 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber – The Real Interview”

  1. “I hate the idea of taxing more and hindering the American dream, but I don’t see a way to pay for the $700,000,000,000 bailout otherwise. ”

    1. Higher tariffs
    2. Lower corporation taxes and less regulation so businesses would stop outsourcing production to China.

    If there’s no way of paying off the US’s $11 trillion debt, maybe they shouldn’t have spent it in the first place. ;)

  2. All that tariffs do is put extra money into the government hands instead of yours. Governments are the LEAST productive organizations. Their corruption and waste will always be higher than a person or company.

    Outsource “dumb” jobs to China and keep “smart” jobs here. China can stuff teddy bears for 25 cents an hour while we design jets, fuel cells, computer chips and the like. In fact the world should send America the brightest and most ambitious.

    Eventually robots and automation will replace the the act of outsourcing our dumb jobs.

    You should never pay a factory worker $40-50/hour to build a car, unless it only takes an hour to build it.

  3. You’ve never really traveled internationally, have you? Most nations are no longer in the 3rd world.

    China has about 300 million Internet users already (per day).

    You wanted to know how to decrease our deficit. Tariffs are a good way to do this. Originally, the USA didn’t have income tax, but had tariffs. This worked quite well. Read up on your history.

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