Hate the Blog, Not the Blogger – Blog of the Month

Welcome to the very first in our monthly “Hate the Blog, Not the Blogger” series of posts.

The phrase “Hate the Blog, not the blogger” is nearly identical to “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”.  It’s sole purpose is to shine our Blog Light of Justice on the blogs that for some reason are still popular when they shouldn’t be!  Good blogs are notorious for going bad after they obtain mild notoriety (ironic huh).  Blogs that were once helpful and amusing, get lame and boring.  Real information is sometimes replaced with ad upon ad upon ad.  Once fast loading blogs are faded by slow loading scripts, gaudy graphics and repetitive, unoriginal content.

The blog in question has over 35,000 readers despite…

8 full time paid blog sponsors
6 full time affiliate network links in the header
A floating header ad that scrolls with you
A peel-down ad in the top right corner
Embedded image ads in each post
Small Banner ad containing 2 other Pepperjam ads
Over 50% of the posts are paid posts
Kontera ads cluttering the screen and slowing down the site.
Constant links to his “Get Rich Quick” e-book
Only 1-2 original posts a month

No wonder this blog brings in an average of nearly $40,000.00 a month, that’s about $0.00001 per ad impression.

So who runs this bastard of a blog?

Who has made a deal with the advertising devil and lost his blogger soul?


It’s none other than self proclaimed Dotcom Mogul John Chow!

2008 October Hate the Blog AwardHere’s the award that we will be sending off to dear Mr. Chow.

John, please take this award and squint into our SPOTLIGHT OF BLOG JUSTICE

There IS reason to be ashamed and only quality blog posting and less self-spamming will save his blog-soul!

Does Mr. Chow have it in him?  We don’ know, we’re way to busy hating his blog for the month of October to contemplate the dark parts of this evil blogger’s soul!

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