You’re voting for the wrong reason

I like Ike
My favorite Republican was Dwight D Eisenhower.  My favorite quote is “How far you can go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without?”  What does this quote mean? Dear Ike was a brigadier general in the Army Reserve.  He was charged with the responsibility for creating the major war plans to defeat Japan and Germany.  He knew about war, and protection and he could see the future coming. Dwight knew how important military was.  He also knew that military can easily be what destroys nations from within.  Ike realized early that no county can have 100% security.  However striving for 100% national security can be a nations downfall.  Ike saw things like the “Patriot Act” coming.  Ike saw an ever growing military nation.  He also knew that people will give away their own rights in order to feel secure.  This is much like the people today voting for the candidate that appears hardest on terrorism. So don’t vote your party line.  Don’t vote based on fear.  Don’t vote for the person that will take away your rights.  Don’t vote for the candidate that will continue the tactics that have failed in the last 8 years. For America to stay the largest world power, vote for the person that makes America look the best.  Show everybody that we can change and that we are strong while not being bull headed. If you haven’t questioned voting for the other guy at least once, you’re probably voting for the wrong reason.

How Far Can Sirius/XM Drop?

I bought about $5,000 worth of Sirius (satellite radio) stock.  The price was about $3.25 or so.

The price then slowly fell as the FCC gave them the run around about merging with XM.  Last Friday I bought $750 more of Sirius at $0.377.  At the price, the company is worth only $1.2 Billion.

Here’s why the price is so low.

1. FCC took so long to approve the merger.  Now Sirius has a huge loan repayment coming up.
2. Conversion costs, nobody knows how much it’s going to cost to convert all the old receivers to the new ones.
3. Capital.  Satellite radio has never been profitable.  How are they going to get more money to pay their bills.
4. Less cars are getting bought so that means less units being bought.
5. Too many shares were issued.  At best, the company should be worth 2-3 times what it currently is.

DirecTV and Dish Network have a total market cap of $30.1 billion. If Satellite radio has the same percentage of the market, their market cap roughly 40% that of the $30.1 billion (big assumption but also somewhat reasonable).  This could make the satellite radio market around $12 billion or roughly 10 times what it currently is.

If Sirius can squeek out a 1 cent profit in any quarter their price will triple.  Unfortunately, this might not happen until 2010.

radio vs television

Joe the Plumber – The Real Interview

It’s actually a lot less radical than I was first expecting.  NOTE: Less than 500 people have watched the video which goes to show you, they’d rather take somebody else’s account of it.  Of course you need to know what’s really being said.

Actually Joe the Plumber’s overall taxes will probably stay the same.

Assuming Joe makes $300,000 under an O’Bama (He’s Irish You know!) plan.

1. Taxes on the $50,000+ would increase (approximately by 3%)
2. Taxes on income under $250,000 would be reduced.
3. Taxes on medical expenses would be removed.
4. Mr. Plumber would pay $1,500 more on the $50,000 but might get a bigger reduction overall.

Keep in mind this is just the “Profit” here.  NOT REVENUE
Joe the Plumber could also have company car(s) that doesn’t get taxed along with a work computer and numerous other benefits.

Corporations pay less in taxes.
There are a TON more deductions for business expenses.

I know this year I can take 20% off my mortgage off my taxes as I use it for a home office for my business.
Last year I took off all of my computer and dual 24 inch LCD monitors off of my taxes as well as office furniture as well as half my internet connection, my whole business trip to Vegas for PubCon and half the meals when I was there.

I hate the idea of taxing more and hindering the American dream, but I don’t see a way to pay for the $700,000,000,000 bailout otherwise.

If anybody has a solution that works other than just printing the money, I’m all ears.

Keep in mind the best correlation for this is the Henry Ford paid his workers MUCH more than the average worker.  Why?  He wanted them to buy his cars!


Hate the Blog, Not the Blogger – Blog of the Month

Welcome to the very first in our monthly “Hate the Blog, Not the Blogger” series of posts.

The phrase “Hate the Blog, not the blogger” is nearly identical to “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”.  It’s sole purpose is to shine our Blog Light of Justice on the blogs that for some reason are still popular when they shouldn’t be!  Good blogs are notorious for going bad after they obtain mild notoriety (ironic huh).  Blogs that were once helpful and amusing, get lame and boring.  Real information is sometimes replaced with ad upon ad upon ad.  Once fast loading blogs are faded by slow loading scripts, gaudy graphics and repetitive, unoriginal content.

The blog in question has over 35,000 readers despite…

8 full time paid blog sponsors
6 full time affiliate network links in the header
A floating header ad that scrolls with you
A peel-down ad in the top right corner
Embedded image ads in each post
Small Banner ad containing 2 other Pepperjam ads
Over 50% of the posts are paid posts
Kontera ads cluttering the screen and slowing down the site.
Constant links to his “Get Rich Quick” e-book
Only 1-2 original posts a month

No wonder this blog brings in an average of nearly $40,000.00 a month, that’s about $0.00001 per ad impression.

So who runs this bastard of a blog?

Who has made a deal with the advertising devil and lost his blogger soul?


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