Google Chrome Initializing

If you are trying to download Google Chrome and can’t get past the “Connecting to the Internet…” or “Initializing” stage it may be because you’re behind a Proxy server.

Google Chrome Initializing

The Chrome installer is trying to download the actual file.…  Some genius at Google didn’t think that 50% of people who access the web through a proxy server are important.…  I guess this is the same reason G-Mail has been in Beta for 5 years.

However, if you want to bypass this stupid installer, you can install Google Chrome using the link below.…  It’s actually pretty sweet thus far.…  AND VERY FAST!

Edit: December 15th 2008 (Link Updated)… 

google chrome

One thought on “Google Chrome Initializing”

  1. If you still get the initializing problem using the full install file try disabling your antivirus software. I use Kaspersky and it was prevent the install from finishing.

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