Make $1,000 a Month

A lot of BS sites out there give you general ways to make money online.…  Nobody ever says “This is exactly how I did it”.

Well here’s one guy who spent $1,758.60 and brought in $2,673.60 ($915 profit).

Zip Submit Case Study

He simply signed up for NeverBlue Ads and created an AdWords content campaign with the following ad.

Groceries Ad

He paid 35 cents a click and used the keywords “food stamp, food stamps, recipe, recipes”.

At first he had a landing page.…  After the ads were showing for a few days he redirected the clicks straight to the offer.…  This isn’t really compliant with Google but it will work for a bit.

The guy’s name is Scott Weaver and he’s got a pretty good blog.…  Check out his Zip Submit Case Study.

What’s really great about this campaign is the “Food Stamps” keywords.…  Not many people bid on “Food Stamps”.…  People who use food stamps are usually lower income and more likely to act on free offers.

So know your demographic!

Edit: If you want to redirect via HTML/Javascript, here’s the code. You can pretty much put it anywhere in your web page’s HTML.

<script type="text/javascript">
window.location = ""

Always Post Every Weekday

If you want your blog to grow, the best advice is to post at least once a day.  You may actually want to hold off on posting more than once if you won’t have a post later in the week.  Most people will only check your blog once a day if that.  Don’t disappoint them by not having a new post.

FYI: I couldn’t think of anything to post about yet today so I am posting this! ;)

Google Hates Duplicates!

If you want more traffic from Google, then get rid of your duplicate pages.  If you have 2 pages that have the same content, Google doesn’t “split” the traffic.  They just reduce the traffic.  Google is EXTREMELY good at finding duplicate content.

To find your pages that duplicate content go to and sign in.  The first time you’ll need to validate that you’re the owner/admin for that site.  After that click on “Diagnostics” then “Content analysis”.  There are 2 numbers that you want to look at.  The more important one is “Duplicate title tags”.  Google wants each page to have a unique title.  Secondly, they want a unique meta description.

If you click on “Duplicate title tags” it will show you the different pages that have the same title tags.

However, you may get some big result!

Google thinks that and are 2 different pages.  (One “about” has a capital ‘A’)

For this blog, I don’t really care so much because it is mostly for fun and writing down thoughts.  However for other sites that I need Google traffic from, this could be a problem.


Handling this can be a little tricky.  For each page you need to analyze the URL.  If the capitalization doesn’t match then you need to 301 redirect to the correct page.  Google is really good at noting duplicate content but it isn’t good at realizing when 2 URLs are actually the same.

Post a comment about your specific duplicate content problem and I’ll try to help you solve it.

ScribeFire Improvements

I have been playing around with ScribeFire for a little bit. It just got updated on the first so I decided to see if my ScribeFire Suggestions where in there. One of them definitely is! Ctrl-ArrowKey now works. I am constantly mistyping words and jump back in forth by holding the Control key and arrowing left and right. I also use Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End to jump to the beginning or end of a post.

I think that ScribeFire will continue these improvements and just like WordPress get better and better.

Geiger Rank

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about search terms for my name.  This post is mainly for myself so I can look back and see how I rank historically.  However I’d like to point out that I have top commentator links at and with my name.

Term: jaygeiger
Results: #1

Term: jay geiger
Results: #1

Term: jason geiger
Results: #10

Term: geiger
Results: #35

I’m not sure why I have an obsession for ranking 1st for “Geiger” but my saga will continue.