Split Test Part 2

I won’t be putting this information up daily, but I did want to have preliminary results posted before a week’s time.


Neverblue still has a significant conversion lead over Hydra.

I have another split test coming up with different landing pages so we will let this run another 3-4 days before choosing one winner.

It would seem to me that Hydra is definitely scrubbing their leads but making up for it with a higher payout.

3 thoughts on “Split Test Part 2”

  1. Can I ask you a serious question is it really worth promoting an e-mail/zip code offer with PPC?

    The Reason I ask is because, I tried offering a freebie offer and I was paying 8-9 cents per click with Google Adwords but I was loosing more money than what I was making. So I stop it. Can you tell us how to promote an email/zip code offer.

    And my landing page was combined with some great continent but it didn’t convert well

    This is my page, http://www.MyLAInk.com and I was offering a free tattoo offer.

  2. Yes it is worth it sometimes. Sometimes the content network works better than the search network. Sometimes one ad out performs another ad. Sometimes you can only make profit at certain points in the day. Sometimes a landing page works sometimes a different landing page works better. For zip/email submit campaigns I never will pay more than a quarter a click usually. Your keywords have a lot to do with. For example, I just posted how on the content network, Scott Weaver made almost $1,000 on a healthy food offer by going after the keywords “food stamps”.

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