Split Test Offers

I have been playing around with a small offer that I found on both Hydra Network and Neverblue Ads.

I finally have started getting some traffic to it.  Basically I have ads on Google that go to my own landing page.  When the user goes to the offer, I randomly direct them to the Hydra offer or the Neverblue offer.  ie, I’ve been splitting the results.


Here’s what I’ve seen over the last 2 days.

Hydra vs NeverBlue 

Technically, there are not enough clicks to be statistically accurate yet but the results seem a bit obvious.  However I will continue running this offer for a week and see what the end result is.  This goes to show you though that higher payouts do not guarantee higher profits.

I don’t think that Hydra is being deceitful, I just think they scrub their offers a lot more.  I’d actually prefer a lower payout without any scrubbing at all.

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