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You wouldn’t start a business (or get a business loan) without a business plan.  That’s why you need plan with your landing page.  Here’s a good little article about creating landing pages that convert.

Namely, answer these 4 questions.  (Whiteboards are great for this kind of thing)

  • What’s the offer?
  • Who’s interested?
  • Why are they interested, and why should they take further action?
  • How do they get started?

So for that GameFly offer that we play around with here, let’s answer those questions.

What’s the offer?

The offer is for a mail order video game rental subscription service.  A customer signs-up, get’s a confirmation email then adds their payment info.  They then are

(note to self, this multi-step email confirmation is a bit of a hassle.  Why not just take credit cards without a confirmation?)

(note to self, the selection process is just odd in general)


Who’s interested?

The large group of who’s interested is people who play video games.

General Video Game Market: (2006 from EzineArticles)
- 60% of Americans play video games.
- 39% of people who play are women so…
     – 23.4% of the population are female video gamers.
     – 36.6% of the population are male video gamers.
- 35% of gamers are 17 or younger.
- 65% of gamers are 18 or older.
- 18 (average age of a video gamer)
- 18-34 year old gamers spend more time playing games than watching tv.

So knowing this information.  Which ones would be more likely to want to rent instead of buy?
- Those that have less income and think renting is cheaper. (poor)
- Those that have want a wide variety and get bored easily. (ADHD)
- Those who don’t like to commit. (commitment-phobe)
- Those who like lots of video games but are frugal. (frugal)

NOTE: For those younger kids, they probably don’t have a credit card which makes signing up VERY difficult.  This would be a MUCH better offer if they accepted PayPal as kids are more likely to have PayPal.

Our 4 groups are  “poor”, “ADHD”, “Commitment-Phobe” and “Frugal”.  The other Variables are (“Male” or “Female”) and (“17-” or “18-34″)


Why are they interested, and why should they take further action?

Poor: Save money but play all the games you want.
ADHD: NEVER BE BORED! Always have a new game at hand.
Commitment-Phobe: Never be tied down to one game! Cancel at any time!
Frugal: Save hundreds of $$$$ over a year while playing more.  I’d also stress that it’s cheaper to have a video-game night in than going out. ie. One month of video game rentals is less than one a movie and popcorn!


How do they get started?

This is the hardest part.  We noted 4 types of people.  Let’s assume we’re only dealing with the “18-34″ year old “Males” for now which is at least 23% of the US population which is over 60,000,000 people.

So it is not out of the question that 100,000 potential customers are looking to rent online.  They just need some guidance.

Poor Gamers: Poor Gamers may or may not be able to have the newest system (PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii).  If they do they are more likely to look for used or cheap games.  They may be looking on sites like Ebay or looking for sites with coupons or discounts.  New games that recently came out might be out of their reach to buy, but not to rent.  Targeting landing pages to those games on or before release would be a good way to reach them.  For games like Grand Theft Auto search for “GTA Discount”, “GTA Coupons” and such.

ADHD Gamers: These are probably great to target because they are a lot more likely to make spontaneous decisions.  However initially there is a day or two before the first game arrives so this is a little more difficult.  If you can target new releases before they are actually released then the odds increase because they have to wait regardless.  Bored gamers also look for generic terms like “Best PS3 Games” because if they are bored, they don’t even know what they are looking to get.  Having “Top 5 PS3 Games” on your landing page with the “Top 5 PS3 Games you never heard of” would be great.  Bored gamers want their to be fun out there.  You might actually want to hold off on giving them the list of “Top 5 PS3 Games you Never Heard Of” until they’ve signed up.  The landing page needs to look new, fresh and have the freshest content.  Working with new-release related ads like the poor gamers might be good.

Commitment-Phobe: These guys need risk-free trials and easy cancellation.  They also need BBB and Secure transaction reminders (they are afraid of getting tied down or have hassle down the road).  Commitment-Phobes will probably look for the newest games but wouldn’t mind finding hidden gems if they could just send them back.  A diagram of the online/mail-order process would serve these landing pages well.  They might be looking to sell old games online.  So “Sell Games”, “Trade-In Games” and such might do well with the title “STOP TRADING IN GAMES”.

Frugal: Frugal people are all about researching and being patient.  They need to know that they are paying rock bottom.  The keywords “discount”, “coupon”, “savings”, “cheap”, etc… are used heavily.  They need a very official looking site and are a lot more likely to use review sites and not purchase from them.  They most likely make their decisions offline then come and search for their products online.  It is difficult to promote that when you are not allowed to use the offer’s name in your ads.  They will normally type in the name of the company like “” to order and you can’t bid on that.  It might be in your best interest to have a review page with a “Today Only” special section.

Now it’s off to make design and ad changes.

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