iPod E-Paper

Apple is known for taken common electronic parts and putting them together into something amazing.  Apple invents very little, but they make a lot of things better.  MP3 Players, Cell Phones and almost every Mac user would say the Mac laptops/computers as well.

However my rumor sources are now saying that the next generation iPods may have ePaper screens.  No, the iPod is not going to be flexible, that would just be silly.

ePaper Advantages
1. Takes a lot less power.
2. MUCH Easier on the eyes.
3. No need of backlighting.
4. Lighter
5. More durable
6. Cheaper

image Amazon’s Kindle was the first popular device to use ePaper.  You can bet that Apple has been keeping a close eye on this device.  Apple has been keeping an even closer eye on the consumers that have been using the Kindle.

Have you connected the dots yet?

Let’s connect them for you.

Apple, or namely iTunes, has made a killing selling music.  To a lesser degree they have been mildly successful with videos.  So what is iTunes?  iTunes sells media.

Add in a little wireless connectivity and the iPod, with a big ePaper screen, could easily be the choice for reading books.  Even better than that in Apple’s eyes is News Papers and other subscription services.

Reading books, newspapers and magazines on an iPod, even the iPod touch, is a bit straining after a few minutes.  That’s why Apple needs ePaper.

When can we expect this ePaper iPod?  With Apple, you never know.

Joseph Geiger

I hate it when this happens.  NO RELATION TO ME!

joseph geiger

Keep my last name out of new A-HOLE.  Glad you finally getting what came to you.  I mean just look at this guy.  Obvious KING OF THE DOUCHEBAGS!


Taken from Associated Press.

SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, Pa. (AP) – Police arrested a man Thursday in the 1985 killing of a 13-year-old boy whose body was found months after he left home on a bicycle. The fatal beating was apparently sparked by an argument over stolen marijuana plants, authorities said.

Police arrested Joseph Geiger on the 23rd anniversary of David Reed’s disappearance after leaving home in Schuylkill Haven.

“We got him,” said state police Sgt. Craig Stine.

Geiger was arrested by state police as he left his home. He was arraigned Thursday afternoon on charges of third-degree murder and related counts.

On his way into court, Geiger said, “I didn’t do it.”

Geiger, who is unemployed, held his head in hands and squeezed his eyes shut as he sat at the defense table. He said he couldn’t afford a lawyer.

In an affidavit, state police said Geiger gave conflicting stories, but police believe he thought Reed was stealing his marijuana plants and confronted him after they went into a parked caboose to smoke pot.

They believe Geiger punched the teen in the face, causing Reed to fall backward into a metal wall, possibly cracking his skull, the affidavit said. The affidavit quotes other witnesses as saying Reed had been seen using or possessing marijuana.

Until recently, Reed’s death had been classified as “undetermined.” State police exhumed the body in January after turning up new evidence. After studying the remains, officials ruled in early July that the case was a homicide. They also said at the time that they had identified a suspect.

The boy’s badly decomposed remains were found in a remote thicket on the edge of town in December 1985, about a half-mile from his bicycle. Two experts had initially theorized the boy might have succumbed to an undiagnosed case of diabetes.

Reed’s relatives had welcomed the renewed attention, saying the original investigation was inadequate.

“The feeling is hard to describe. After all these years, I never thought it would come down to this. You give up hope,” David’s brother, Joseph Reed, of Fort Myers, Fla., said Thursday.

A sister who had encouraged police to pursue the case died last year, and their mother died in 2001.

Joseph Reed said he was barely acquainted with Geiger but recalled that in the months after David’s disappearance, Geiger “would say ‘Hi,’ like nothing happened. I wish I knew back then what I know today.”

Schuylkill Haven is about 75 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

I Hate Sprint

I switched to Sprint from Verizon back in October.  The building I was living in had problems with cell phones, I think it was due to the T-Mobile cell tower on the top.  I blamed it on Verizon but it wasn’t their fault.

What I need from Sprint that they don’t have.

- Can’t Block Specific Phone Number
- Can’t Block Private Numbers
- Can’t get Pix Messaging
- Can’t text more than 160 Characters.
- Video Messaging is a Joke

Fuck Sprint

Sprint’s answer for everything was to change my phone number.  That’s not really an option.  I think I’ll check out the iPhone today.


I need the above plus…

- Synch Outlook Email to iPhone
- Easy Text Messaging (lack of real buttons makes me nervous)

Split Test Part 2

I won’t be putting this information up daily, but I did want to have preliminary results posted before a week’s time.


Neverblue still has a significant conversion lead over Hydra.

I have another split test coming up with different landing pages so we will let this run another 3-4 days before choosing one winner.

It would seem to me that Hydra is definitely scrubbing their leads but making up for it with a higher payout.

Split Test Offers

I have been playing around with a small offer that I found on both Hydra Network and Neverblue Ads.

I finally have started getting some traffic to it.  Basically I have ads on Google that go to my own landing page.  When the user goes to the offer, I randomly direct them to the Hydra offer or the Neverblue offer.  ie, I’ve been splitting the results.


Here’s what I’ve seen over the last 2 days.

Hydra vs NeverBlue 

Technically, there are not enough clicks to be statistically accurate yet but the results seem a bit obvious.  However I will continue running this offer for a week and see what the end result is.  This goes to show you though that higher payouts do not guarantee higher profits.

I don’t think that Hydra is being deceitful, I just think they scrub their offers a lot more.  I’d actually prefer a lower payout without any scrubbing at all.

Remove Duplicates Using .Net

Read my post about Google Hating duplicate content.

If you want to help remove it from an IIS .Net web site you’ll want to include this following code.  What this code does is forces all the URL’s to be lowercase.  If a request for one with uppercase comes in then it redirects to the one with lowercase.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will change your URL parameters.  You shouldn’t use this if your parameters are case sensitive.

private void Redir301(string Url)
    Response.Status = “301 Moved Permanently”;
    Response.AddHeader(“Location”, Url);
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (Request.Url.ToString() != Request.Url.ToString().ToLower())

On Page load, this will check the URL to see if there is any uppercase characters.  If there is, it 301 redirects to lower case.  That’s the Redir301 method.

You want to use that redirect method and not “Response.Redirect(URL)”.  Why?  Response.Redirect is known as a 302 redirect.  302 is a “temporary” redirect while 301 is a permanent redirect.  Google is a less likely to differentiate the redirect if it is a 302.

They both have their place, but in this case you will want a 301 redirect.

Slightly Updated Theme

I’ve updated the Jay Geiger theme a bit.  It looks much cleaner but still not clean enough.  I’m willing to PayPal anybody $50 if they can come up with a better but similar one using the above logo or a more professional one.  You will also get reviewed here which can ONLY be good for those people starting out.

I need to keep the meta data the same but probably can add that part in myself.  It also needs to be completely CSS compliant.

Do you guys think it looks better or worse?

Landing Page Plan

You wouldn’t start a business (or get a business loan) without a business plan.  That’s why you need plan with your landing page.  Here’s a good little article about creating landing pages that convert.

Namely, answer these 4 questions.  (Whiteboards are great for this kind of thing)

  • What’s the offer?
  • Who’s interested?
  • Why are they interested, and why should they take further action?
  • How do they get started?

So for that GameFly offer that we play around with here, let’s answer those questions.

What’s the offer?

The offer is for a mail order video game rental subscription service.  A customer signs-up, get’s a confirmation email then adds their payment info.  They then are

(note to self, this multi-step email confirmation is a bit of a hassle.  Why not just take credit cards without a confirmation?)

(note to self, the selection process is just odd in general)


Who’s interested?

The large group of who’s interested is people who play video games.

General Video Game Market: (2006 from EzineArticles)
- 60% of Americans play video games.
- 39% of people who play are women so…
     – 23.4% of the population are female video gamers.
     – 36.6% of the population are male video gamers.
- 35% of gamers are 17 or younger.
- 65% of gamers are 18 or older.
- 18 (average age of a video gamer)
- 18-34 year old gamers spend more time playing games than watching tv.

So knowing this information.  Which ones would be more likely to want to rent instead of buy?
- Those that have less income and think renting is cheaper. (poor)
- Those that have want a wide variety and get bored easily. (ADHD)
- Those who don’t like to commit. (commitment-phobe)
- Those who like lots of video games but are frugal. (frugal)

NOTE: For those younger kids, they probably don’t have a credit card which makes signing up VERY difficult.  This would be a MUCH better offer if they accepted PayPal as kids are more likely to have PayPal.

Our 4 groups are  “poor”, “ADHD”, “Commitment-Phobe” and “Frugal”.  The other Variables are (“Male” or “Female”) and (“17-” or “18-34″)


Why are they interested, and why should they take further action?

Poor: Save money but play all the games you want.
ADHD: NEVER BE BORED! Always have a new game at hand.
Commitment-Phobe: Never be tied down to one game! Cancel at any time!
Frugal: Save hundreds of $$$$ over a year while playing more.  I’d also stress that it’s cheaper to have a video-game night in than going out. ie. One month of video game rentals is less than one a movie and popcorn!


How do they get started?

This is the hardest part.  We noted 4 types of people.  Let’s assume we’re only dealing with the “18-34″ year old “Males” for now which is at least 23% of the US population which is over 60,000,000 people.

So it is not out of the question that 100,000 potential customers are looking to rent online.  They just need some guidance.

Poor Gamers: Poor Gamers may or may not be able to have the newest system (PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii).  If they do they are more likely to look for used or cheap games.  They may be looking on sites like Ebay or looking for sites with coupons or discounts.  New games that recently came out might be out of their reach to buy, but not to rent.  Targeting landing pages to those games on or before release would be a good way to reach them.  For games like Grand Theft Auto search for “GTA Discount”, “GTA Coupons” and such.

ADHD Gamers: These are probably great to target because they are a lot more likely to make spontaneous decisions.  However initially there is a day or two before the first game arrives so this is a little more difficult.  If you can target new releases before they are actually released then the odds increase because they have to wait regardless.  Bored gamers also look for generic terms like “Best PS3 Games” because if they are bored, they don’t even know what they are looking to get.  Having “Top 5 PS3 Games” on your landing page with the “Top 5 PS3 Games you never heard of” would be great.  Bored gamers want their to be fun out there.  You might actually want to hold off on giving them the list of “Top 5 PS3 Games you Never Heard Of” until they’ve signed up.  The landing page needs to look new, fresh and have the freshest content.  Working with new-release related ads like the poor gamers might be good.

Commitment-Phobe: These guys need risk-free trials and easy cancellation.  They also need BBB and Secure transaction reminders (they are afraid of getting tied down or have hassle down the road).  Commitment-Phobes will probably look for the newest games but wouldn’t mind finding hidden gems if they could just send them back.  A diagram of the online/mail-order process would serve these landing pages well.  They might be looking to sell old games online.  So “Sell Games”, “Trade-In Games” and such might do well with the title “STOP TRADING IN GAMES”.

Frugal: Frugal people are all about researching and being patient.  They need to know that they are paying rock bottom.  The keywords “discount”, “coupon”, “savings”, “cheap”, etc… are used heavily.  They need a very official looking site and are a lot more likely to use review sites and not purchase from them.  They most likely make their decisions offline then come and search for their products online.  It is difficult to promote that when you are not allowed to use the offer’s name in your ads.  They will normally type in the name of the company like “GameFly.com” to order and you can’t bid on that.  It might be in your best interest to have a review page with a “Today Only” special section.

Now it’s off to make design and ad changes.