Permalinks fail in WordPress 2.5 and 2.6

Here’s a BIG problem with WordPress 2.5 and 2.6 that might ruin your blog.

Permalinks may fail.  With my specific theme I got an error that said “Sorry the tags had been deleted “.  You may see a different error.

The reason for this was because the WordPress PHP function “have_posts()” was returning nothing.

“have_posts()” failed because Rewrite.php has big errors in it. (Src1, Src2, Src3)

I am not sure why that fails (I’m a .Net guy not PHP) but here is how I fixed it.

1. Log into your admin console.
2. Click on Settings
3. Click on PermaLinks
4. Scoll to the bottom and put text into Category base and Tag base.
5. Click Save Changes
That’s it

Some of your links to your categories and tags may be changed, but this should work for you.

You may have to hit ctrl-F5 on each page to reload it correctly.

If you’re not having problems with this, then you can ignore this post.

MOSS SharePoint Lookup Error

If you receive the following error while editing a SharePoint list in Datasheet view.

“The text entered for lookup isn’t an item from the list. Select an item from the list, or enter text that matches one of the listed items.”

This may be due to having a lookup on a field that is too long. In my case I had a lookups to a calculated fields. These calculated fields where concatenations of other fields ie. First & Last Name. Well it seems like they were too large. 125 characters was too large but 122 wasn’t. There is a hotpatch for Office 2007 that seems to resolve this, but does not apply to those having Office 2003.

So reduce the sizes of the fields if you can. I basically copied all the data from the datasheet view and pasted it into Excel. I then used the LEN function to find the largest fields and reduced their size.

Here’s the Office 2007 HotFix if you need it.

Install Scribefire

Here’s a tutorial on how to install ScribeFire for Firefox.

Using FireFox, go to and click “Install ScribeFire Now“.



Or you can take a shortcut and go to the ScribeFire for Mozilla Add Ons page.

Then click on “Add to Firefox

ScribeFire Download


You will get this message.  Click on “Install Now” to proceed.

ScribeFire Install

The ScribeFire add-on will install in a few seconds.  After it’s done you will need to click on “Restart Firefox“.

ScribeFire Restart

At this point Firefox should restart.  You may see the next message.  You can click on “Find Updates” or just click the “X“.

ScribeFire Update 

Last you need to setup your blog settings.  While in FireFox just hit your “F8” key.

Type in the URL of your blog and hit “Next“.

ScribeFire Account

ScribeFire should auto-detect your settings.  You can proceed by clicking “Next” again.

ScribeFire Account URL

Put in your username and password then click “Next” again.

ScribeFire Login

If you entered a valid username and password then you should get the following screen.  Just hit “Next“.  If you got an error click “Back” and try again.

ScribeFire Setup

Click “Finish“.

ScribeFire Installed

Then you can create posts easily when browsing just by hitting F8.

ScribeFire Post

Future of Search

The future of search is going to be all behavior based.

Google originally took each incoming link’s text as a vote for a specific topic.  This worked great until everybody started link farms and such.  Sure, you can factor in the age of a link, but that just delays SPAM.

Well, there’s a better way and that’s behavior based.  I thought of this all on my own.

You still need links.  That’s always the starting point.  However with behavior based search, results can change quickly for newer better pages and sites.

It’s quite simple, let’s take topic of FREE BUSINESS CARDS.

#1 is
#2 is
#3 is

So after searching you check out, then you go back to your results.  You then check out  Then maybe so on.  How do you know which result is actually best?  The best is the one where you find what you are looking for.

If you stop searching for your term or related terms… then that’s a success!  Google has the data to find this out.  For FREE BUSINESS CARDS the best site would probably detail each one and the pro’s and con’s of each.  The user would then go from the review site to get these free business cards.  VistaPrint will always have more links, but that doesn’t mean it is the best place to find the information.

In behavior based search results, a site that has 10% of the links of VistaPrint can be the best and out rank the rest.  Google and other search engines just have to mix in a little random sites now and again to see if people like those better.

Of course there will be behavior SPAM but I think that is easily identifiable.

WTF PepperJam Network

PepperJam signs me up for the wrong account then tells me I need to re-apply.

Hi Jason,
The reason that you cannot access any offers is because you were signed up for a merchant account, rather then as an affiliate. I have deleted your merchant account, as you cannot sign up for another account with duplicate contact info. You can sign up for a PJN affiliate account here.
If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Seriously, why would I want to sign up again when they didn’t get it right the first time?

Just Installed ScribeFire

I usually use Windows Live Writer to make blog posts. It doesn’t do a very good job of formatting the HTML as I want it all of the time but it is great to insert images and give them alt tags as well as image scaling.

So then ShoeMoney points out ScribeFire and QuickAds. Now QuickAds is a creation of Patrick Gavin who has such successes as Text Link Ads and Auction Ads (Now Shopping Ads).

So now he came up with QuickAds. Quick Ads is going to let you specify ads blocks. Then it will show the highest paying ads, Might be Adsense or countless others.

If I like ScribeFire I will definitely use Quick Ads. I just got signed up for the beta. I get 100-200 visitors to a day but only made $6.14 using Adsense last month. Good thing this is more for fun and rep. I make A LOT more on my other sites.