Increase Your Blogs Adsense CTR

You may have noticed that my individual blog posts now contain ads at the top.  Although Google doesn’t allow you to share your stats I can tell you that the CTR (click-through-rate) of my Adsense ads are 770% higher with these ads.

We’ve known that ads inside of text have always worked well.  That’s not my tip (although it’s a very good tip if you didn’t already realize that).  My first tip is that hyperlinks need to look clickable.  You need the hyperlinks to stand out from the normal text.

Purple is the default color of URLs that you have already visited.  When I see a purple hyperlink I always pay closer attention to it.  Why?  I think that I already visited that URL.  Now I won’t click it if I don’t want to click it so we’re not tricking anybody.  We are just trying to get over “Ad Blindness”.  Ad Blindness is when people subconsciously ignore ads.  We want them to “consciously”  ignore them without annoying them.

Now it would be even better if we could make only one link Purple and make the other blue or black.  I bet the CTR would increase even more.

Adsense Tip

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