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Search Engines launch and go unused all of the time.  So I thought the same thing about CUIL.  Cuil bills themselves as being able to cache (index) websites more efficiently and cheaply than Google.  In fact, Cuil is run by some former Google engineers.

I took another look when I actually saw Cuil on Google News.

Cuil News

cuil search


Currently Cuil says that it has 121,617,892,992 pages in its index.  I found the results to vary with Google but still be relevant.  I initially used Google because they did not hand-alter their results.  They do so now however and the result have been, well, not exactly what I was looking for.

Cuil’s site breaks the rules by having black background which is usually a big no-no for web design.  The results are not linear like Googles.  They show up in an easier to read format and include images.  By default you get 3 columns but can set it to 2.

Cuil also suggest keywords in an easier way using tabs so you can narrow down your search more.

cuil suggest

Lastly you can search categories related to your search.

cuil categories

While I don’t think this will be a Google killer, it will be a Google changer.  Lately Google’s search results have been filled with clutter.

If Cuil wants to really take some Marketshare away from Google they are going to have to be more open than Google in the sameway Facebook is more open than MySpace.

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