$7 ShoeMoney.com Link

What if I told you that you can get your website promoted at ShoeMoney.com for less than $7.00?

ShoeMoney.com gets tens of thousands of visitors a day.  A week long ad on ShoeMoney.com costs $350.

Ready for the secret?

Open this SECRET LINK.

It’s a link to VistaPrint’s free T-Shirt page.

WTF Does that have to do with anything?

Well, every week ShoeMoney features a new T-Shirt for free T-Shirt Friday.

All that you need to do is pay the 7 bucks, upload your web site logo using that SECRET LINK, pay $6.36 and send the t-shirt to…

ShoeMoney Media Group, Inc.
2840 S 70 Street
Suite 7, #348
Lincoln, Ne 68506


It might take a little bit for Shoe (aka Jeremy) to get to your shirt.  However, when you get featured and feel like paying it forward to me, I accept checks and PayPal.





6 thoughts on “$7 ShoeMoney.com Link”

  1. You really expected me to not post the affiliate link when it’s available? That is from PepperJam network. I think I will send ShoeMoney a T-Shirt for FavoritePart.com

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