How Much is Cell Phone Subscriber Worth?

It’s not a question that is asked very often but, “How much is a cell phone subscriber worth?”.

The answer is. $2,045.46.

Verizon Wireless is going to pay $27 Billion for Alltel Wireless.  This will add 13.2 million subscribers.

$27,000,000,000 / 13,200,000 = $2,045.46


Last year when AT&T bought Dobson, $2.8 billion got you  1.7 milliion subscribers for the cost of $1,647.06

$2,800,000,000 / 1,700,000 = $1,647.06


This means that in a year, as far as cell phone companies are concerned, you are worth 24% more than last year.


Personally, they can keep the money.  I’ll just take a new iPhone with no service commitment.

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