Just Installed ScribeFire

I usually use Windows Live Writer to make blog posts. It doesn’t do a very good job of formatting the HTML as I want it all of the time but it is great to insert images and give them alt tags as well as image scaling.

So then ShoeMoney points out ScribeFire and QuickAds. Now QuickAds is a creation of Patrick Gavin who has such successes as Text Link Ads and Auction Ads (Now Shopping Ads).

So now he came up with QuickAds. Quick Ads is going to let you specify ads blocks. Then it will show the highest paying ads, Might be Adsense or countless others.

If I like ScribeFire I will definitely use Quick Ads. I just got signed up for the beta. I get 100-200 visitors to JayGeiger.com a day but only made $6.14 using Adsense last month. Good thing this is more for fun and rep. I make A LOT more on my other sites.

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