Improved Adsense for Search

Adsense just made a big update.  I have a summary after this message from Google.


We noticed that you currently use AdSense for search on your site,
so we thought you might want to hear about some new search
features we’ve recently launched. AdSense for search is now
powered by Custom Search, meaning that you can take advantage of
advanced customization options to refine your search results and
ads. In addition, you can manage all of the options below directly
within your AdSense account.
Here are some of the new features you might be interested in:
-       Selecting ad location: Now, you can decide where to place your
ads on search results pages — whether it’s at the top, bottom, or
right side of each page. We recommend placing ads at the top and
right side of the page, as we’ve found this monetizes the best for
-       Refining searches with keywords: Search terms can have different
meanings in different contexts, but now you can tune your search
results and ads to what your users are interested in. You can see
an example of this in our video at . In our experiments,
we’ve found that this tuning has lead to an increase in earnings
for publishers.
-       Improved indexing of your pages: We’ve recently improved our
indexing technology so that you can provide a more enhanced Site
Search experience for your users. AdSense for search will now
index even more pages of your site, as long as we’re able to crawl
them, so that your users will see more results from your site in
your AdSense for search results.
-       Site Search: If you’re concerned about users leaving your site
through Websearch, you can now you can choose to provide just site
search so users can find all the information they’re looking for
on your site. We also recommend that you host the search results
on your own pages so your users won’t leave your site when they
perform a search.
-       Vertical Search: You can also allow your users to search across
multiple sites – this could be a network of sites that you own or
other related sites that you think your users might find useful.
Examples of vertical searches include computer forums, travel
blogs, or political sites you endorse.
You can get started with the features above by visiting your
AdSense Setup tab and selecting ‘AdSense for search’ as your
product. Just like with your ad and referral units, your ad
settings will be saved within your account when you create a new
search engine. You can then go back at a later time and quickly
make any updates to your search settings. Once you’ve set up your
search box, you may wish to explore more advanced features such as
site exclusion, labels, and collaboration.
If you’d like to learn more about the new options available for
AdSense for search, visit .
We hope you find these new features helpful, and we look forward
to working with you in the future.
The Google AdSense Team
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Email Preferences: We sent you this email because you have
indicated that you are willing to receive AdSense Newsletters. If
you do not wish to receive emails of this nature in the future,
please visit your Account’s Communications Preferences page
( – AdSense login


So what does this mean?

  1. You can set search to search a set of sites.
  2. You can now customize the search results page.
  3. You can set other types of words that should be included in all searches.
  4. Google Indexes More Pages – This one could have a huge impact on your site’s traffic.

Market Leverage SUBID’s Working

I recently paused my Market Leverage campaign because I could not get my SUBID data.  Well it’s working again just as my AM promised (Early June).

I tweaked my campaign so that I will not be making nearly as many conversions but my profit should be up!  Not hundreds of dollars but seeing as how I have only started 1 Market Leverage campaign I’m batting 100%.