Easy Marketing Tricks

I was watching “Foolproof Equations for a Perfect Life” on The Science Channel recently.  They had 2 good examples that I believe can be translated into internet marketing.

The first has to do with loss.

Increase Purchasing by Making Somebody Lose

People are a lot more likely to gamble (purchase) if they believe they have lost something.  In this example a magician gives people $20 and a chance to lose $50. 

Half the people were given $20 cash and then asked to gamble to make it $50. 

The other half of people where given all $50 (in $10 bills).  They held onto it right in their hand, but then had $30 removed.  They were then propositioned with the same gamble.

The situations seem identical.

The first group that never touched the other $30 were A LOT less likely to gamble than the second group that had touched all $50.


Well it’s all mental.

The second group felt that they had already lost the $30 and were trying to get it back.  The first group never felt that loss so protected what they really had.

This has MANY correlations to methods that can be used online.

The next has to do with passing on good feelings.

Increase Purchasing by Giving them Warm Feelings

In this experiment people were randomly brought in for questioning.  However they were all tricked into holding somebody else’s drink just before questioning.  Surprisingly on half ALWAYS reacted more nicely and forgiving than the second half.  What set these groups apart?

Warm Coffee vs Cold Soda

The group that held onto a warm coffee for a few seconds before questioning always had nicer more favorable reactions.

The group that held onto an icey soda always had worse reactions.

So if you can give an internet visitor warm feelings, they are more likely to purchase.  What a weird Rainbow Colored thing to say, but it works.

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