The Rich Jerk is an Asshole

I previously wrote how I downloaded the audio book for The Rich Jerk.  It had some good points in it and I really liked being able to listen to it at my leisure.

That was until the phone calls started coming in!  Beware calls from UTAH!

It started at once a day then escalated to twice.  The phone calls only ended after I got nasty but I’m sure they will start up again.

Furthermore the guy called back and tried being nasty back.  Good luck with SPAMMING you low life telemarketers!

If I ever run into this guy, I’ll be sure to challenge him to a slapfight.

Bitch Slap

One thought on “The Rich Jerk is an Asshole”

  1. I got a call from them as well. Couple of days ago actually by a guy named Dustin, and his “Senior Business Consultant” Max Hall.

    The first day they called me I was pretty interested but I told them I want to reschedule for next day. In the meantime I went online to do some research Thank God I came across this blog. They said nothing about the $ the day before and I thought hey since I already paid for rich jerk ebook & website they are just looking to help out.

    So the next day Dustin called me back and I asked how many people they signed up for this and what the success rate is. These guys have a canned script they follow and if you ask them anything that’s not in it they get screwed over. That man started stuttering and clearing his throat and said he didn’t know and that I’d have to talk to Max.

    So I decided to hear Max out to see what he has to say. 10min into the conversation I was zoning out because it no longer sounded like an “interview/screening” as they have put it and more of a sales pitch. He was trying to convince me why I should join. Another 5-10min later I told him that this is sounding like a sales pitch than a screening. His reply?

    Max: ::Becomes Furious:: BYE!! ::Hangs up the phone::

    My thoughts? Keep up these internet posts they are very helpful.

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