Video Game Offer Keywords

We are still plodding along with our rent video game offer.  A lot of you may think that we’ve either given up on it or that it is a loser.

1. We haven’t given up on it.
2. It is a loser (for now).

We are prepared to lose up to $50 a month on this offer indefinitely.  It’s what I call “FishHooking”.  You place a bunch of fish hooks in the water with different bait and troll around.  You keep track of what bites where and then react.

A good place to look is your organic search results.  Here are the few that we have gotten so far.

Horse Care Games – Rank 10th by Google

rent video games online price comparison – Rank 20th by Google

rent wii games – Rank 14th by Google

stores to rent wii games – Ranked 13th by Google

the island princess games – Ranked 1st by Google

wii american idol rental – Ranked 19th by Google


Nearly no traffic came from these results.  However, they are not without their benefits.

There isn’t much demand for horse care games but we could probably easily dominate that niche.  Renting horse care games probably isn’t that profitable of an idea however selling them might be.

I am very surprised however to see we rank so highly for “Rent Wii Games”.  It would seem Google has labeled TempGames as a site about the Nintendo Wii.

For now I am just letting things play out.  It would be a good idea to use this list of keywords to find high search keywords that might convert better.

We will wait and see what happens.

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