Market Leverage Subid

This is how you get subids in your Market leverage offers.

Login and Find an Offer.

Market Leverage Offer


Search for your topic.
Market Leverage Search


Choose your offer.
Market Leverage Dating


Find a creative that has subIDs to add.  Click on [Add]
Market Leverage Add

Add a test subid then click “Update Click Code”.

Market Leverage SubID

Find the Link in the code.
Market Leverage Link


Now just replace the SUBID with your own tracking code.  In this case my link was…

You can see s1=TEST right in there.  Replace “TEST” with your tracking info.


You can see your subID info by clicking on “Your Stats” then click on “Get SubID Stats”.

Market Leverage Report

0 thoughts on “Market Leverage Subid”

  1. Thanks for the tutorial. As a newbie to Market Leverage, I’m still learning about all they have to offer, so running across your very concise and helpful tutorial is a plus for me.

    Again, your posts are short and to the point, but have great quality….keep it up!

    see ya

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