Free Camtasia

With the YouTube craze, everybody is looking to get free video editing software.

Camtasia usually costs a couple hundred bucks but you can get it for free if you don’t mind using an older version.

Go to this site…

Then download version Camtasia 3.1.2

Install it and you’re up and running.

Check out SnagIt as well if you’re looking to capture images or videos from your screen.

The Rich Jerk is an Asshole

I previously wrote how I downloaded the audio book for The Rich Jerk.  It had some good points in it and I really liked being able to listen to it at my leisure.

That was until the phone calls started coming in!  Beware calls from UTAH!

It started at once a day then escalated to twice.  The phone calls only ended after I got nasty but I’m sure they will start up again.

Furthermore the guy called back and tried being nasty back.  Good luck with SPAMMING you low life telemarketers!

If I ever run into this guy, I’ll be sure to challenge him to a slapfight.

Bitch Slap

How I First Earned Money

Several years ago, when I started dabbling in my own websites I found Amazon and Google to be the easiest place to start.

The idea was simple, open up an Amazon store with a whole bunch of items and then put Google Adsense ( ) on it!

I first looked at site scrapers, something that I would use to scrape the site and put the information into my database.  I would then use that database to display one item per page.  I would then have to build a way to search and a way to link all of the products so that Google could index them.

That was pretty complex and prone to A LOT of errors.

That is right about the time Amazon came out with something called AWS.  AWS stood for Amazon Web Services.  You could do was pull in Amazon data feeds directly instead of having to scrape their site.  Even better, if you sent the visitor to Amazon to purchase the item, you’d make a commission. (4-5% usually).

Nice I thought!  I built all the routines in PHP.  They probably don’t work any more, but they are still out there for download.

So, between Amazon and Google, I was making a few hundred dollars a month.  Hosting was less than $10 so it was almost all profit.

I later sold the site for about $5,000 on eBay.

Nowadays, you need to have some niches (like Pet Clothes or Big and Tall Pants) but the money is just as easy.

Even more so, you can now buy software for just a few bucks and use it to make your own store with very little programming.  If you’re looking to get into the market, you should try the following.


What you need to do this
1. Pick a Niche
Get the Amazon WebStore Software
4. Build your Store


The only other thing that you need to do is be patient and get people to link to your store.  Some of those ways are comment in your niche’s forums, ask for links directly and Google for “<NICHE> Submit a Link” to see similar sites that ask for links.

Rent PS3 Games

I thought that we got a few nibbles from Google for posting our Complete List of Wii Games that I thought we would benefit from a complete list of Playstation 3 games.

Some of you might be wondering why I am putting up these lists.

1. People will stumble across these lists and may find them useful.
2. Google loves content.
3. I am trying to make become an authority on video games.

Now, I did have to change the existing Wii game URLs a little bit, but I added a 301 redirect from the old ones to the new ones.

I don’t expect to do too much else for a bit.  I’ve baited my hooks and am now waiting for some nibbles.

Video Game Offer Keywords

We are still plodding along with our rent video game offer.  A lot of you may think that we’ve either given up on it or that it is a loser.

1. We haven’t given up on it.
2. It is a loser (for now).

We are prepared to lose up to $50 a month on this offer indefinitely.  It’s what I call “FishHooking”.  You place a bunch of fish hooks in the water with different bait and troll around.  You keep track of what bites where and then react.

A good place to look is your organic search results.  Here are the few that we have gotten so far.

Horse Care Games – Rank 10th by Google

rent video games online price comparison – Rank 20th by Google

rent wii games – Rank 14th by Google

stores to rent wii games – Ranked 13th by Google

the island princess games – Ranked 1st by Google

wii american idol rental – Ranked 19th by Google


Nearly no traffic came from these results.  However, they are not without their benefits.

There isn’t much demand for horse care games but we could probably easily dominate that niche.  Renting horse care games probably isn’t that profitable of an idea however selling them might be.

I am very surprised however to see we rank so highly for “Rent Wii Games”.  It would seem Google has labeled TempGames as a site about the Nintendo Wii.

For now I am just letting things play out.  It would be a good idea to use this list of keywords to find high search keywords that might convert better.

We will wait and see what happens.

Market Leverage Responds Quickly

I apologize for all the posts being about Market Leverage lately.  Market Leverage is new to me and I am sharing my experiences as we go along.

So I’ve gotten a handful of conversions for some Market Leverage offers.  I ran my SubID report and wanted to export them to a CSV file so I could pull the data out.

Well, the CSV export on the SUBID report isn’t working.  ML said they have 24/7 support so I tried it.

Market Leverage Support


You do not need to be logged in to get support.  After clicking the “24/7 Support” link you get this form.

Market Leverage help


I filled out the form telling them the CSV export doesn’t work.  Unless it’s mission critical, I usually don’t like talking on the phone but I could have dialed 1.888.MY.PAYOUT for immediate assistance.

A few minutes later I got an email from my Account Manager telling me that they see the problem and they are working to fix it.

Here’s 2 thumbs up to Market Leverage for their quick response.

Market Leverage Subid

This is how you get subids in your Market leverage offers.

Login and Find an Offer.

Market Leverage Offer


Search for your topic.
Market Leverage Search


Choose your offer.
Market Leverage Dating


Find a creative that has subIDs to add.  Click on [Add]
Market Leverage Add

Add a test subid then click “Update Click Code”.

Market Leverage SubID

Find the Link in the code.
Market Leverage Link


Now just replace the SUBID with your own tracking code.  In this case my link was…

You can see s1=TEST right in there.  Replace “TEST” with your tracking info.


You can see your subID info by clicking on “Your Stats” then click on “Get SubID Stats”.

Market Leverage Report