Skynet to be Born

CERN, counseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, the physics research center has created a new form of super fast information transfer.

Once completed, these data networks will be capable of transferring data at 10,000 times (yes that’s 1,000,000%) faster than existing broadband connections.

Oddly enough, this grid will be “Switched On” in the middle of the year (2008) at the exact same time that CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (world’s largest particle accelerator) comes online.

This “Grid” sounds strangely familiar to SKYNET from The Terminator movies and TV series.  Even more weird is that some scientist think the Large Hadron Collider could create “strangelets” that could destroy our planet.

However doubtful, my mind is filled with ideas of THE GRID holding us hostage with the Large Hadron Collider.  Let’s not only create SKYNET but give it huge physics bomb as well.

Story at Times Online

Video from CERN

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