Clickbank Allowance – Return Allowance

I have been playing around with Clickbank for supplemental offers to the main offers I promote.  I was EXTREMELY baffled by the payment until just now.

Click bank says payment is calculate by the following formula.

Check = [(previous balance) + sales - returns + bonus + allowance release] – return allowance – $2.50.

“Allowance Release” and “Return Allowance” was where most people get confused.

In the grid “Release” = “Allowance Release” and “Allowance” = “Return Allowance”.

So the check for 3/16 (sent on 3/31)

Check = $371.35 – $106.52 + $0.00 – $26.73 = $238.10
(There is also supposed to be a $2.50 charge that doesn’t show)

Now that $26.73 is kept by Click bank for 90 days (6 pay periods).  This is to handle returns and cancellations.  Unused portions get returned after that 90 days.  This is so that you can’t sign up under your own credit card, then cancel and pocket the sales.

The return allowance is calculated with this formula.

Return Allowance = 10% x [(previous balance) + sales - returns + bonus + allowance release]

So in my example it equals.

.1 x ($0.00 + $371.35 – $106.52 + $0.00 + $0.00) = $26.83.

Note that $26.83 is not the same as $26.73.  Where did my dime go?  I have no idea.  Perhaps I got a 10 cent bonus.


Clickbank Return Allowance

3 thoughts on “Clickbank Allowance – Return Allowance”

  1. Yes it was PPC. I had a site where I was promoting numerous related items. This was a bonus item. The tracking (SID’s) for ClickBank are rather lacking but it was a good offer to addon to my main offer.

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