RSS C# Class

Sometimes I love C#/Visual Studio/ASP.NET.  Then other times, not so much.

I wanted to create a simple RSS feed for my C#/ASP.NET site and there really wasn’t anything out there.  I really don’t want to download anybody else’s binary files and I wanted something simple.

It was almost super easy.  Then I got hung up on UTF-16 vs UTF-8.

So I made my own RSS class.  Here it is. RSS CLASS

It’s only about 100 lines.

If you want to have an RSS Feed on a .Net web page, here’s the code for that.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    RSS rss = new RSS(“Geiger”, “”, “Geiger”, DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString());
    rss.Add(“Geiger 1″, “″, “Geiger Description 1″, “1″);
    rss.Add(“Geiger 2″, “″, “Geiger Description 2″, “2″);

    Response.ContentType = “text/xml”;

Google LOVES blogs.  So if you have a .net site, add RSS to it!

Startup Conspiracy

The Conspiracy Theory that Follows is just that, a conspiracy theory.  They are usually BS.  However, this one is technically quite possible.



That is the underlying statement. For this we will take the world of Video Games as we have been doing a video game affiliate test for several months now.

Now lets say there is a person or persons out there that dominates the major PPC markets for “video game rentals”.  This could range from several hundreds of dollars a day to several thousands.  Now, he realizes that with all things, there are smarter people out there than he is that try to startup video game offers.  If they don’t make money in the first month or two (sometimes first week or two), they declare it a loser and move on.

Lets’ say this guy, we’ll call him Vidster, has 100+ unique IP addresses as well.

Vidster wants you to get discouraged and not compete with him.  What could he do?

He could fake click your ads.  Now he wouldn’t do this himself, he would design a bot to do so.  He would use part of his keyword list and with a bot, that goes out on each IP address slowly over time, click on the competition’s ads.  He could double or triple your costs.

Vidster is smart, he knows to change the type of browser on his bot as well and to reuse cookies sometimes.  100+ IP addresses means at least a couple different pretend users apiece.



The moral of the story is to let your campaigns go for months before ending them.  Just bump the budget down to $1-$5 a day and let it go.  It’s like putting out a fish hook and trolling around until you get a bite.  You might find some good affiliate fishing holes this way.

Video Game Affiliate

There hasn’t been much to write about on the video game affiliate offer lately.

Here’s one of the last Video Game Affiliate posts.

We’ve lost about $5 this month.  Made $40, paid $45.

So is this a loser?  Answer: Maybe

However we just paid $20 and registered for 2 years.

We haven’t moved any of the ad programs over to it.  We are going to wait about a week before we do so.  Why?  AdWords doesn’t let you advertise domains that are less than a couple days old.  Some people where registering a whole bunch, advertising, then canceling the domain for free within a few days.  So we will wait, then we will show you the correct way to redirect traffic so that you don’t lose any links/google pagerank.

Clickbank Allowance – Return Allowance

I have been playing around with Clickbank for supplemental offers to the main offers I promote.  I was EXTREMELY baffled by the payment until just now.

Click bank says payment is calculate by the following formula.

Check = [(previous balance) + sales - returns + bonus + allowance release] – return allowance – $2.50.

“Allowance Release” and “Return Allowance” was where most people get confused.

In the grid “Release” = “Allowance Release” and “Allowance” = “Return Allowance”.

So the check for 3/16 (sent on 3/31)

Check = $371.35 – $106.52 + $0.00 – $26.73 = $238.10
(There is also supposed to be a $2.50 charge that doesn’t show)

Now that $26.73 is kept by Click bank for 90 days (6 pay periods).  This is to handle returns and cancellations.  Unused portions get returned after that 90 days.  This is so that you can’t sign up under your own credit card, then cancel and pocket the sales.

The return allowance is calculated with this formula.

Return Allowance = 10% x [(previous balance) + sales - returns + bonus + allowance release]

So in my example it equals.

.1 x ($0.00 + $371.35 – $106.52 + $0.00 + $0.00) = $26.83.

Note that $26.83 is not the same as $26.73.  Where did my dime go?  I have no idea.  Perhaps I got a 10 cent bonus.


Clickbank Return Allowance

Skynet to be Born

CERN, counseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, the physics research center has created a new form of super fast information transfer.

Once completed, these data networks will be capable of transferring data at 10,000 times (yes that’s 1,000,000%) faster than existing broadband connections.

Oddly enough, this grid will be “Switched On” in the middle of the year (2008) at the exact same time that CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (world’s largest particle accelerator) comes online.

This “Grid” sounds strangely familiar to SKYNET from The Terminator movies and TV series.  Even more weird is that some scientist think the Large Hadron Collider could create “strangelets” that could destroy our planet.

However doubtful, my mind is filled with ideas of THE GRID holding us hostage with the Large Hadron Collider.  Let’s not only create SKYNET but give it huge physics bomb as well.

Story at Times Online

Video from CERN

Awesome Adwords Advice

I always rave about  This is one of the FEW blogs that has nearly ALL worthy posts.  Most blogs about PPC/Adwords/Google are almost ALL fluff.  Earners blog posts only once or twice a week, but they are awesome posts.

Check out this one on how to explode your ppc campaigns.

If you’re lazy, the best parts of the post that I liked are to “only go after phrases with 3 keywords or more”.  Less than 3 and you’ll get a lock of lookers, but very few converters.  Also “don’t use broad terms” unless you are doing keyword research.  Only use Phrase and Exact.  For example “RINGTONES” converts less than “DOWNLOAD RINGTONES” which converts less than “HOW TO DOWNLOAD RINGTONES”.

Affiliate Taxes

Most employees are lucky when it comes to taxes.  I know, it doesn’t feel like you’re lucky.  However most don’t realize they are only paying half of their social security and half of their medicare taxes.  Your share is only 7.65%.  Your employer has to pay 7.65% also.

However if you’re self-employed you need to pay 15.3%  This is on top of state and federal taxes.

On top of that, you have to pay an estimated tax quarterly.  If you didn’t make more than $1,000 in that quarter, I think you are exempt.  So don’t be afraid if you are just starting out.

I just had my taxes direct withdrawn, it’s enough to make a grown man cry.

Paying My Taxes


I paid over $19,000 to the state and federal government.  For reference, my first car, a 1988 Chevy Spectrum 4-door cost me $800.  This is just for my affiliate earnings and has nothing to do with my normal 9-5 job.

To add insult, I don’t think I’ll qualify for my $600 check this year.  I paid a crazy amount of taxes, but get no love.  Perhaps George Bush will see it in his heart to give me a lovely brick of government cheese.