Beware Affiliate Offers with Ads

Take a look at this offer for free health samples HEALTH SAMPLE OFFER.  This seems like a good offer.  You just get a visitor to come to this page and enter their email address and POOF you earn a dollar!

Here’s the catch.  Look at the top of the screen.  There is an ad.  Right now it looks like an Ambien ad.

So what happens when your visitor clicks on that ad?  Well, for you NOTHING happens.  These offers that have other ads in them will ALWAYS do less well than offers with no ads.

I suggest keeping away from these.

2 thoughts on “Beware Affiliate Offers with Ads”

  1. Very true, you don’t want to send your traffic to a site that has so many leaks on it, especially big, bold ones above the fold.

    Now, if a program were to offer the email box HTML as one of it’s promo tools, and I made a site similar to the one you just mentioned, but MY banners were also on it, then it’s win – win for me.

    You and I promote different types of products, do you know of any programs that offer an email harvesting box to place on your sites that convert well? With few exceptions, I’ve stayed away from pay per email programs.

  2. I was also running that offer for a while and only noticed recently the ad on top.

    I pulled the campaign, since I am not interested in helping fund their “arbitrage” campaign.

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