WordPress Upgraded

I stay pretty up to date on the WordPress updates. I just now updated all of my WordPress sites to version 2.5.

I am a Microsoft .Net guy, but WordPress is the best for blogs. WordPress is also the EASIEST thing to upgrade. You just copy the new files to your site and then go to http://SITENAME/wp-admin/upgrade.php

That’s it.

So if you haven’t upgraded to the newest version yet, please do so. I usually use Microsoft Live Writer to make posts but am testing out the online interface. Here’s a random photo of myself to test out how adding media works.

(EDIT: Adding Images still is a Pain in the ass. You can see by the image not actually getting added.)

Yahoo Ad Schedule

Back in December when I went to PubCon I had a chance to talk to some people from Yahoo.  Yahoo Ads, don’t have the same constraints as Google Adwords.  I like using them where they fit.  However, they are missing some HUGE things.

I am talking about the ability to schedule ads/ad groups.  PUT THIS IN!  When I talked to Yahoo they said this was coming very soon.  I need it Yahoo!  A lot of other smart users need it too!

Beware Affiliate Offers with Ads

Take a look at this offer for free health samples HEALTH SAMPLE OFFER.  This seems like a good offer.  You just get a visitor to come to this page and enter their email address and POOF you earn a dollar!

Here’s the catch.  Look at the top of the screen.  There is an ad.  Right now it looks like an Ambien ad.

So what happens when your visitor clicks on that ad?  Well, for you NOTHING happens.  These offers that have other ads in them will ALWAYS do less well than offers with no ads.

I suggest keeping away from these.