Google Users Rich – Yahoo Users Poor

I actually support this statement given by Information Week.

Hitwise recently performed some analysis of the traffic patterns on the Google and Yahoo search engines. Google users tended to be older and spend more money online. Yahoo users, conversely, were often younger and spent less money online. Which is the better audience to have?

(Original Article Here)

Advertising on Google’s Network I found that users are 2-3 times more likely to make a purchase than Yahoo users.  When my ad has a price on Yahoo, I find it gets many times less clicks than ads without a price.

It would seem this would make sense?

This piece of information is worth A LOT OF MONEY!

Yahoo probably has a lot of younger teens that utilize it for the games and such and use search secondly.  If we assume this, then we can cater our ads and offers to them.  For example, we may not sell iPods on Yahoo but we may want to consider offers giving away free iPods, or other iPod/iPhone contests.

One thought on “Google Users Rich – Yahoo Users Poor”

  1. Wow, I thought it would be the opposite. I thought Yahoo would have the older generation seeing how Yahoo entered the scene first. Thanks for sharing.

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