Cutting Ad Bids

So our Azoogle & Google affiliate Experiment/How-to is still not doing anything.  So far this month we have made 5 sales for $100 total.  However we have spent over $240.

So, basically all that I did was cut my spend by as much to break even.

The number of clicks will be way down but the profitability should be there.  Before I was spending $.60 a click.  So $100/$240 = 41.6%.  .416 x $.60 = $.25.  I set it to $.30 however because it is pretty close.

I have found a couple of winners this way.  You set your spend to a profitable level.  Then for some reason you see a conversion spike sometime down the road.  It might be a month later, it may be a year.  You then find out why it spiked and you capitalize on it going forward.  It’s like setting a bunch of fish hooks in a lake then fishing at the spot where the fish are biting.

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