Azoogle Profit

For the month of February, we currently have made $4.21 profit from out renting video games landing page.

We have made 2 conversions.  Also, Azoogle liked our demonstration about AdWords and Azoogle so much they increased our rate to $20.00.  It’s pretty cheap advertising for them if you ask me :)

We made $40.00 and have spent $35.79 on Google AdWords.

All of our clicks have come thorugh our Wii Ad Group.  They have also been using our Broad keywords and have been off of the AdWords search network. If you are following along then our campaign name is “Wii Game Rentals Landing Page Broad Search”.  So far we have had the following stats for February on that campaign.

Impressions: 2,095
Clicks: 47
CTR: 2.24%
Avg. CPC: $0.35
Cost: $16.57
Avg. Pos: 6.0

So there seems to be money that can be made here.  We would have made $23.43 if we didn’t have the other ad groups active which is a really good profit margin.

It seems dropping the krappy Intelliflix offer was a good idea.  Also we have not been approved for the GamezNFlix affiliate program yet.  The good news though is that we can still use their links while we wait so we never have to change the links down the road.

I also got rid of some of the columns in the video game rental review grid.  You get the idea of what your searching for better.  The text is a little bit larger and the colors grab your attention a lot more now as well.  We also added screens where you can see a more in depth review.

So what’s next?  We could rack our brain and see if we came up with more keywords.  This would be a very smart thing to do.  However I think that I am going to ad content.  Perhaps even detail all video games that are available.  Perhaps we’ll add that to our site soon.  Meanwhile, hopefully we’ll stay profitable.

2 thoughts on “Azoogle Profit”

  1. I am getting a pretty good quality score. My Wii campaigns are about 50% OK and 50% Great. The minimum bids are OK:$0.10 and Great:$0.05.

    Does this answer your question?

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