I Hate Milestone Posts

I hate milestone posts.  Not my own, just others milestone posts.  For example blahblahblah $100 a day!  …or yaddayaddayadda digg front page.  Most of us don’t really care about reading these.  It’s about as useless as John Chow posting about restaurants from the other side of a continent. :)


btw, did I mention I have over 50 rss readers now?

Adwords Azoogle 7-Day Update

This is where we stand after 7 days.

adwords campaign stats

As we can see we have a total of 18 clicks.  18 clicks is not nearly enough to form any sort statistical basis.  Most people agree that you will need about 200 clicks before you can judge anything about a campaign.

Have we made any conversions?  Do we just sit around and wait 10 more weeks until we have enough clicks?

To answer the first question.  Yes.  We have made 1 conversion.  Here is the SID that we made money from.

wii_kw_t1_S_1160701714__wii game rentals

This is from our Wii (wii), it is a keyword campaign (kw), Using our first text ad (t1), it’s on the search network (S).  The search phrase is “wii game rentals”.

Here’s the summary for that ad group.

adwords adgroup

You can see that 2 of our clicks came from the search network and 3 came from the content network.  2 clicks from the search network and 1 conversion does NOT mean that we will convert 50% of the time.  That is not enough clicks for a statistical basis.  However it is an interesting blip.  The CTR was over 5% but again, we only had 2 clicks and 39 impressions.  BUT it may be the start of something.  So this is what we are going to do next.

We open up our AdWords campaign and go to campaign settings.
edit adwords campaign settings

We then check the “Content Bids” check box.

split adwords bids

What does that do?  Well that allows us to bid separately on the content and search networks.  We plan on upping our search CPC but not our content CPC.

After checking the “Content Bids” check box and saving the change, AdWords asks us if we want to enter the bids now.

Add Content Bids

We want to enter them now so we click “Add new content bids now”.

Edit Adword Bids

We are going to change the Default bid to an aggressive $0.40 and we will set the content bid to stay at $0.25.  The Default bid will correlate to the search network.  So in the first ad group we enter 0.40 and click on the fill button.  This will copy the bid down to all of the other Default boxes.  We enter 0.25 in the content box and click the fill for that as well and it copies down to all the other ones as well.

Then we Click “Save Changes”.

Now we wait.  THIS IS THE HARDEST PART.  You can’t be changing your ad campaign every day.  You set it, wait for it to get into full gear in Google’s ad network then make decisions accordingly.

Here are somethings to note

- We increased the search CPC hoping to increase our impressions and in turn clicks.
- Our wii ad group might have some promise.
- We have over $14.00 in profit so far.
- We may consider adding more keywords especially to the Wii ad group.
- We may want to create “Broad” and/or “Phrase” ad groups.
- We are adding chatecodes.com to our list of excluded sites as it is another MFA site.