Google Azoogle

Did you know that ranks number 1st for the terms Azoogle Adwords and Adwords Azoogle.  We also rank number 12th for Google Adwords Azoogle.  However we rank only 65th for Google Azoogle.

Feel free to link to my Google Azoogle Step by Step posts.

If you are looking to rank me high for this, here is a keyword list that you could choose some keywords from and link to me.  I would love to buy links from people but we know how Google feels about those.

Google Azoogle

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I am Sticking with Azoogle for Now

I never thought I would get so much attention from one post.  I’m referring to our Should we Switch to Neverblue post.

We went from 58 to 68 readers in one day.  I know, it’s only 10 reader but it’s also a 17% increase.

I just now got a heart-felt email from my AM at Azoogle.  It wasn’t my intention to call Azoogle out.  The post was more just thinking out loud.  (or thinking out-keyboard)  My dear AM convinced me in one email to keep this campaign with Azoogle.

I like my AM and if I didn’t have her I would not have been as successful with Azoogle.  Also she’s a very cute girl and always smiling at me when I log into my Account. (See the “My AM is Hotter Than Yours” post)


Silly Things Azoogle Needs to Fix That My AM Has No Control Over

  1. The Azoogle login screen doesn’t let you login by pressing “Enter”.  It’s a silly thing but something I’m sure has been annoying hundreds of people on a daily basis.
  2. You have to download all detail reports.  If you get too many clicks historically, you must generate reports even if you are pulling back information on just a handful of clicks.  This reduces my ad hoc efficiency tremendously.
  3. The generated report downloads are zip files.  I understand they are saving bandwidth but I just want the data quickly.  It’s a big hassle to download these especially sometimes when I just want to check the SUBID of the 1 conversion that I got.
  4. (I think this one is Fixed but wasn’t for a while) On the Offer Search page if you hit “Enter” you would get different results than if you hit “Search” with your mouse.


Bigger Things Azoogle Needs to do in 2008 (My AM Can’t Fix these Either)

  1. Allow download of my SUBID data.  This will let me and the big affiliates run their own reports.  If I could import the SUBID, OFFERID and DATE/TIME into my own database I would never have to run any sort of report on Azoogle.
  2. Automatically add pixels.  You should be able to add pixels automatically through the web site.  This way they are guaranteed to be added correctly, you can add them easily and you can add them for all of your offers.
  3. Add pingbacks.


One Big Thing I Did for Myself

  1. Add the Azoogle News Feed to my Google Reader.  I didn’t know this was possible until just now.  If you log into your Azoogle Account and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the news section their is a link for the News Feed.  I added it to my Google Reader right now.  I check my reader a couple of times a day usually.  This will keep me more informed.

Should we Switch our GameFly ad to Neverblue?

I originally started out our Adwords campaign as an Azoogle-Adwords how-to.  Now I see that NeverBlueAds is offering the same GameFly ad but at 50 cents more per payout.

I am kind of torn.  I have made the most amount of money with Azoogle and they still are good regardless of whether or not I move this one offer to Never Blue Ads.

What I like more about Never Blue Ads.

  1. Easier interface.
  2. Faster/Easier reporting.
  3. Easier pixel integration.
  4. Faster responses from AM (they are more proactive).
  5. They are at more conferences than Azoogle (ie PubCon)
  6. Pingbacks (the ping a page for you when you get a conversion).
  7. Reporting web-services. (With a little programming you can automate ALL of your report analytics)

On top of that my Azoogle AM didn’t tell me about a campaign pausing that I’ve been using costing me several hundreds of dollars.  Add to that the fact that I had over $3,000 in charge backs last month with Azoogle for a private offer.

Hmmm…. wow.  Now that I wrote all of this out it is pretty apparent that I should switch this one offer to NeverBlue Ads.  My real hesitation is that I am a pretty loyal guy.  Disloyal people’s successes are fleeting.  In this case however I don’t think that I am being disloyal.

I would love to hear your opinion.

30% of Women Online Put Out on 1st Date

Would you believe me if I told you that 30% of women who meet a guy online first will have sex on the first date?  Well it’s 100% true.

Fact Sources

Fact Source 1
Fact Source 2
Fact Source 3
Fact Source 4

Fact 1: 30% of women online daters have sex on the first date.

Fact 2: 27% of women online daters will have oral sex on the first date.
The sources do not say if this is giving or receiving.  Also this percentage might be intermingled with the 30% of women engage in typical sex.

Fact 3: 76% of the women that put out expect romance first and expect the man to pay for 100% of dinner bills.
There appears to be no such thing as “Free Love”.  If a man wants to get action, he better not be cheap and he better not be romantic.


Best online sites to find women that put out.
- Match
- True
- Adult Friend Finder

Worst online sites to find women that put out.
- EHarmony
- MySpace
- Facebook

Steal Money Keywords

I am looking for some more keyword examples.  Everybody is talking about “Making Money Online”.  How about some “Steal Money” keywords?

Google’s tool gave us a ton.  I played around with the phrases “Steal Money”, “Rob”, “Funds”

Stealing Money Keywords

accused of stealing money
arrested for stealing money
best way to steal money
bird stealing money
birds stealing money
can t dance but he ll steal your money
catch someone stealing money
caught stealing money
charges for stealing money
child stealing money
children stealing money
children stealing money from parents
did you steal my money
duck stealing money
easy way to steal money
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employee stealing money
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fired for stealing money
fund stealing elections
government stealing money
how do you steal money
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how to steal money from a vending machine
how to steal money from an atm
how to steal money from atm
how to steal money from people
how to steal money from vending machines
how to steal money online
husband stealing money
i steal money
jail time for stealing money
kids stealing money
make money by stealing
make money stealing
man stealing money
parents stealing money
penalty for stealing money
people stealing money
places to steal money
punishment for stealing money
rob banks money
rob money
she steal me money
she steal my money
son stealing money
steal for money
steal funds
steal money
steal money easy
steal money from
steal money from a coke machine
steal money from an atm
steal money from atm
steal money from bank
steal money from company
steal money from parents
steal money from people
steal money from vending machines
steal money legally
steal money online
steal my money
steal the money
steal yer lunch money
steal your lunch money
steal your money
steal your money lyrics
steal your money then they break your heart
stealing church money
stealing company money
stealing funds
stealing lunch money
stealing money
stealing money at work
stealing money from a bank
stealing money from a company
stealing money from bank
stealing money from business
stealing money from church
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stealing money from family
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stealing money from people
stealing money from the church
stealing money from work
stealing money online
stealing of money
stealing your money
teen stealing money
ways to steal money
where to steal money
wife stealing money

Then I started looking at specific ways to steal money.  Blackmail, identity theft, fraud and such.  There were quite a few ways.  This could definitely be an interesting niche.  A big niche that I’m sure will get flooded soon is the “Online Job” market.  It will be the new way of “Making Money From Home”.

Scam Keywords

how to blackmail
how to blackmail someone
how to black mail
how to black mail someone
how to blackmail people
how to stop blackmail
credit card fraud
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credit fraud
federal tax fraud
how to commit credit card fraud
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online dating fraud
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sales tax fraud
steal credit
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steal the car steal the credit card
steal the credit card lyrics
stealing credit
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stores online scam
tax credit fraud
tax fraud
what is tax fraud

Complete Campaign Dump 2

I previously posted all of the details of our (yours and mine) video game campaign well here is take two.

Gamefly Ad Campaign

This breaks down every ad group that we currently have going.  I exported it right from Adwords Editor and just cleaned up 1 or 2 things.

On a side note, we got our second sale yesterday.  Unfortunately it did not come from our ad campaign so we weren’t prepared to track where/when they came from.

We will tackle how to track organic conversions at a later date when we get some more.

Thanks for being patient with this campaign.  It will be a slow burner but we are pretty close to turning a profit already.

Why I love Earners Blog

Oh, how do I love you.  Let me count the ways!  Well, right now there are 5 reasons.  There are also 5 parts of his link building guide. :)

The real reason I like Earner’s blog is because he gives REAL examples of how to build links instead of saying “Email somebody and ask for a link”.

Check out Stuarts Earners site for how to squeeze a few extra bucks out.

Expanding my Demographic

So, I haven’t gotten a lot of love to my video game ads yet.  It’s ok, the longer the ads stay active, the better the quality score (my own hypothesis not shared by anybody else).

However, I want to expand.

Who is my products audience?  I would say it is a safe bet that GameFly is used mainly by teenagers who live at home.

Teenagers play a lot of games.  The ones live at home probably have their parents get them Game Fly.  So we know the product audience, but do we know our product’s buyer?

I am willing to bet that Parent’s are doing the buying while Teens and maybe younger kids, tweens, are using the product.

So, we added a “Teen” ad group.  We didn’t split it by Exact, Phrase or Broad because we are lazy.

Here are the 2 ads we wrote…
teen ad 1
teen ad 2 

And here are the keywords.

best teen gifts
birthday gifts for teen
christmas gifts for teens
gift for teen
gift for teenage
gift for teens
gift ideas for teens
gift ideas teens
gifts for teen
gifts for teen boys
gifts for teen guys
gifts for teenagers
gifts for teens
gifts teen boys
gifts teens
teen gift
teen gift ideas
teen gifts
teenage gift
teenage gift ideas
teenage gifts
teenager gift
teenager gifts


I think it would be really easy to expand this list of keywords.  Teens and gifts feels like its got a lot of room to play with.  Do you think my teen gift page fits?