Hide Google’s Cached Label

Have you ever looked at a page in Google’s cache?  Do a search and by the results for each you can see a “Cached” link.

google cache link

If you click on it you’ll see a page like this.

google cache label

You can see at the top that the page has a huge disclaimer on the site that takes a lot away from your page.  Wouldn’t it be nice to hide it?

Well, it’s easy to.  Just put this javascript on the page and you’ll be all set.

<script language=”JavaScript” type=”text/javascript”>
    var UrlIn = document.URL.split(“//”)[1]; //Get the URL.  Cached URLs only have an IP address.

    if (UrlIn.toLowerCase() == UrlIn.toUpperCase())  //If these are the same.  Then there is an IP address for the URL.  This means we should hide it.
        var table = document.getElementsByTagName(“table”); //Get a variable to the first table.  This is the one we want to hide.
        table[0].style.display = “none”; //Set it’s display to “none” to hide it.

This works because the label is the very first table on the cached page.  Also, Google’s cache url is always an IP address.

2 thoughts on “Hide Google’s Cached Label”

  1. Hi there,

    I am a bit of a novice but how do I “put javascript” on the page?


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