Updated Adwords Landing Page

I updated our Adwords landing page.

1. Our main package was supposed to be for GameFly Video Game rentals.  I think that IntelliFlix, with a much lower starting price, was probably taking a lot of the clicks.  (We really should be tracking that).  Also re-examining the IntelliFlix offer, I don’t think that it is a very good site.  I didn’t even see on their site where you can rent video games!  I think I may have been losing a lot of customers with this bad experience.

2. We now have 3 pages! Ooooooohhhhh!  We now have 2 review pages.  To be an authority on video game rentals we would need a lot more.  GameFly Video Game Review and GamezNFlix Video Game Review

3. We go rid of some of the stuff in our opening grid.  I thought there was way too much in there and that was probably a turn off for some visitors.

4. We changed the color of the text in the grid.  We also bolded it.  I think this just looks better.


FYI: We haven’t gotten any more conversions yet.  Even when we tried being a bit tricky.  We tried writing ads about “Rending Video Games” instead of “Renting Video Games”.  Some other people/companies have been really successful capitalizing on misspellings.  We have not been.

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