You Cached my Offer

If you go to our Rent Video Games page you might notice, if you keep an eye on the bottom of your window at the status bar, that we load our offer in an IFRAME.  Why are we doing this?

Well, a lot of people do this to “Stuff” their cookie.  Cookie Stuffing is the act of deceitfully putting an affiliate cookie on a visitor’s computer.  Then when the item/service is purchased, the Cookie Stuffer gets a credit for the sale.


The reason that I did this is so that the target page is cached.  This way if you click on the “Buy Now” button, you will almost instantaneously be taken to the offer.  Before I added this IFrame it took several seconds.  By caching the offer, it gives a better user experience.

I didn’t see anything against this but will end it if asked to do so.

BE CAREFUL if you promote things the same way.  Make sure you aren’t breaking any terms of service.


4 thoughts on “You Cached my Offer”

  1. Dude, you say “I AM NOT COOKIE STUFFING.” like it’s a bad thing… Really, nice info, and I hadn’t thought about the caching speeding things up and giving a better user experience. I’ll keep a look out for places to do that now.

  2. Hey edgar. You just use the simple iframe code. Just make sure you set the width and height to 1 and the border to 0 and scrolling to no. The IFrame I use is this…

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