How to Scam AdWords

I haven’t tried this myself but should work.  I am pointing it out because Google needs to figure this kind of thing out.

Basically, you open up a prepaid Visa Account Here or Obopay Here.  Then you sign up for a Google AdWords Account.

You use the prepaid visa card to pay you Google account.  The trick here is to use your pre-paid visa that you opened up with just a few dollars in it.  You would want to use an alternative email address and mailing address.  Also you would never want to login from the same IP address or Computer as you do with your real AdWords account because they would link the two and have you banned.

How does this make you money?  Well lets say your prepaid card had $50 on it.  You would amass a couple hundred dollars worth of fees that Google would not be able to get from you.  Then when it’s said and done you just do the same thing over again.

Pretty Evil huh?  Me… I’m too paranoid to do it.  I’m paranoid about getting in trouble for things I haven’t even done wrong.

This is only for super duper evil people that don’t mind stealing from Google.  I for one love Google and want to stay in their good graces.

3 thoughts on “How to Scam AdWords”

  1. Stu, Absolutely not. I’m just telling you how to do it. Google could fix this simply by making people limited to $50 a day unless they pay as they go. I’m way to afraid to do this besides it doesn’t “feel right” to do this kind of thing. There are 2 Reason I posted it. 1: exploits don’t get fixed unless you post about them. 2: controversy is linkbait.

  2. “I for one love Google and want to stay in their good graces.”

    That just makes me smile. C’mon man, you know you’ve done it. Tell us how it worked out. ;)

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