I am Sticking with Azoogle for Now

I never thought I would get so much attention from one post.  I’m referring to our Should we Switch to Neverblue post.

We went from 58 to 68 readers in one day.  I know, it’s only 10 reader but it’s also a 17% increase.

I just now got a heart-felt email from my AM at Azoogle.  It wasn’t my intention to call Azoogle out.  The post was more just thinking out loud.  (or thinking out-keyboard)  My dear AM convinced me in one email to keep this campaign with Azoogle.

I like my AM and if I didn’t have her I would not have been as successful with Azoogle.  Also she’s a very cute girl and always smiling at me when I log into my Account. (See the “My AM is Hotter Than Yours” post)


Silly Things Azoogle Needs to Fix That My AM Has No Control Over

  1. The Azoogle login screen doesn’t let you login by pressing “Enter”.  It’s a silly thing but something I’m sure has been annoying hundreds of people on a daily basis.
  2. You have to download all detail reports.  If you get too many clicks historically, you must generate reports even if you are pulling back information on just a handful of clicks.  This reduces my ad hoc efficiency tremendously.
  3. The generated report downloads are zip files.  I understand they are saving bandwidth but I just want the data quickly.  It’s a big hassle to download these especially sometimes when I just want to check the SUBID of the 1 conversion that I got.
  4. (I think this one is Fixed but wasn’t for a while) On the Offer Search page if you hit “Enter” you would get different results than if you hit “Search” with your mouse.


Bigger Things Azoogle Needs to do in 2008 (My AM Can’t Fix these Either)

  1. Allow download of my SUBID data.  This will let me and the big affiliates run their own reports.  If I could import the SUBID, OFFERID and DATE/TIME into my own database I would never have to run any sort of report on Azoogle.
  2. Automatically add pixels.  You should be able to add pixels automatically through the web site.  This way they are guaranteed to be added correctly, you can add them easily and you can add them for all of your offers.
  3. Add pingbacks.


One Big Thing I Did for Myself

  1. Add the Azoogle News Feed to my Google Reader.  I didn’t know this was possible until just now.  If you log into your Azoogle Account and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the news section their is a link for the News Feed.  I added it to my Google Reader right now.  I check my reader a couple of times a day usually.  This will keep me more informed.

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