Should we Switch our GameFly ad to Neverblue?

I originally started out our Adwords campaign as an Azoogle-Adwords how-to.  Now I see that NeverBlueAds is offering the same GameFly ad but at 50 cents more per payout.

I am kind of torn.  I have made the most amount of money with Azoogle and they still are good regardless of whether or not I move this one offer to Never Blue Ads.

What I like more about Never Blue Ads.

  1. Easier interface.
  2. Faster/Easier reporting.
  3. Easier pixel integration.
  4. Faster responses from AM (they are more proactive).
  5. They are at more conferences than Azoogle (ie PubCon)
  6. Pingbacks (the ping a page for you when you get a conversion).
  7. Reporting web-services. (With a little programming you can automate ALL of your report analytics)

On top of that my Azoogle AM didn’t tell me about a campaign pausing that I’ve been using costing me several hundreds of dollars.  Add to that the fact that I had over $3,000 in charge backs last month with Azoogle for a private offer.

Hmmm…. wow.  Now that I wrote all of this out it is pretty apparent that I should switch this one offer to NeverBlue Ads.  My real hesitation is that I am a pretty loyal guy.  Disloyal people’s successes are fleeting.  In this case however I don’t think that I am being disloyal.

I would love to hear your opinion.

2 thoughts on “Should we Switch our GameFly ad to Neverblue?”

  1. for some reason , I try not to use Neverblue ads as much .. I always send them bunch of click and for some reason I dont get any leads

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