Complete Campaign Dump 2

I previously posted all of the details of our (yours and mine) video game campaign well here is take two.

Gamefly Ad Campaign

This breaks down every ad group that we currently have going.  I exported it right from Adwords Editor and just cleaned up 1 or 2 things.

On a side note, we got our second sale yesterday.  Unfortunately it did not come from our ad campaign so we weren’t prepared to track where/when they came from.

We will tackle how to track organic conversions at a later date when we get some more.

Thanks for being patient with this campaign.  It will be a slow burner but we are pretty close to turning a profit already.

One thought on “Complete Campaign Dump 2”

  1. wow what a detailed breakdown of keywords etc, I’ve been meaning to get to your archives just haven’t made it yet.

    I was also experimenting with gamefly, 364 clicks converted to 1 sale. too much red

    the conversion came from “wii” on broad match


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