Ok, I added Kontera to FavoritePart.com and BOMB.  I’ve made a few dollars off of at least 30-40,000 impressions.

So, I added it here.  I’m not sure if I can just copy and paste the same code but I did so.  We’ll see if I get yelled at.

IT IS YOUR JOB TO LET ME KNOW if it screws up.  If you don’t like it, then I don’t like it.

We all know how my $1,000 Kontera experiment went.  I think a lot of people are gaming it but we’ll see.

0 thoughts on “Kontera?”

  1. Hi Jay,

    This is again Vered from Kontera.

    There are several problems with using the same code on different sites, the main two are:
    1.This will prevent you from knowing how does each of your sites preform.
    2. It will impede our ability to optimize ContentLink’s performance for each of your sites.

    That being said I suggest you simply email our Support Team and they’ll gladly add your other sites and set up a network for you.

    Publisher Services Manager

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