Expanding my Demographic

So, I haven’t gotten a lot of love to my video game ads yet.  It’s ok, the longer the ads stay active, the better the quality score (my own hypothesis not shared by anybody else).

However, I want to expand.

Who is my products audience?  I would say it is a safe bet that GameFly is used mainly by teenagers who live at home.

Teenagers play a lot of games.  The ones live at home probably have their parents get them Game Fly.  So we know the product audience, but do we know our product’s buyer?

I am willing to bet that Parent’s are doing the buying while Teens and maybe younger kids, tweens, are using the product.

So, we added a “Teen” ad group.  We didn’t split it by Exact, Phrase or Broad because we are lazy.

Here are the 2 ads we wrote…
teen ad 1
teen ad 2 

And here are the keywords.

best teen gifts
birthday gifts for teen
christmas gifts for teens
gift for teen
gift for teenage
gift for teens
gift ideas for teens
gift ideas teens
gifts for teen
gifts for teen boys
gifts for teen guys
gifts for teenagers
gifts for teens
gifts teen boys
gifts teens
teen gift
teen gift ideas
teen gifts
teenage gift
teenage gift ideas
teenage gifts
teenager gift
teenager gifts


I think it would be really easy to expand this list of keywords.  Teens and gifts feels like its got a lot of room to play with.  Do you think my teen gift page fits?

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