Splitting Ad Groups

Split Ad Groups

I just got done splitting my ad groups.  I did this using Google’s AdWords Editor.  If you want to quickly load keywords, adgroups, campaigns from spreadsheets OR if you want to be able to copy and paste existing ad groups then just Google AdWords Editor.  I added the word “Content” to each existing ad group.  I then copied all the ad groups (except the Image Ad one), pasted them and changed the word “Content” to “Search”.  I then changed the Content ad groups to have $0.05 Search Bids and changed the Search ad groups to have $0.05 Content Bids.

I didn’t copy the image ad group because Image Ads are only shown on the content network.

What does Ad Splitting give me?  Well now I can see right from the summary page how content and search compare to each other.  It will probably take about a week before I have the impressions and clicks to start making decisions.  In the mean time I will be making more image ads.  1 for each ad size.

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