Proof: Landing Pages Get More Clicks

These statistics weren’t compiled in a completely scientific way, but they do show that landing pages get a higher percentage of clicks.

Landing Page Results


The stats were taken from 1/10 to 1/16.  Our busiest landing page was “Wii Game Rentals Landing Page Exact”.  There are few things that I think we can take away from information like this.

1. Exact keywords beat out broad keywords – If everything else is equal (quality score, bids and budget) exact keywords beat phrase keywords which beat broad keywords.  If the keyword matches all 3 filters Exact/Phrase/Broad then Exact > Phrase > Broad.  Keep this in mind if your competition does not do exact keywords and you think you have the same quality score.  If you don’t do exact & phrase keyword matches then you should add them ASAP.

2. Landing pages/Landing URLs get a bigger slice of the click pie – Google will only show 1 ad per domain.  This means that if you are showing ads for then only one ad for can show up on any page.  Now if you have your own URL then you can show an ad for,,

3. Landing pages give cheaper clicks – The average CPC for “Wii Game Rentals Exact” is $0.30.  For “Wii Game Rentals Landing Page Exact” it is $0.16.  That’s almost half.  It has almost 4 times the impressions though.

We need to look at some of our campaigns. For example the PS3 one has shown over 10,000 impressions but gotten only 1 click.  In this case though, all of the impressions were on the content network.  We might be doubling the number of our ad groups soon.  I think I want an ad group for Search and one for Content.  It would be easier to track these if they were in different ad groups.

NOTE!: The image URL already has 11 clicks in one day of being active.  This could be a winner.  Keep in mind we only have 1 image ad.  There are about 8 different types that we can put out there.

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