Immature Yahoo Search Engine Marketing

When will Yahoo really get in the game?  I have a bunch of problems with Yahoo.

1. You can’t schedule ads.
2. Sloppier Interface
3. No good software like AdWords editor.

Ok, and what’s with the name?  Yahoo Search Engine Marketing????  Microsoft has AdCenter, Google has AdWords, WTF is wrong with Yahoo.  Overture was good.  They should just call it SearchAds, YahooAds or something that you can brand or just easily remember.  Also you have to bookmark the Yahoo Search Engine Marketing login page.

The biggest thing that pisses me off is thing like this notice that I got today.

Dear Advertiser
Ads and/or keywords you submitted for account ########### were reviewed to ensure that they comply with the Editorial Guidelines.
Keyword results:
Pending: 1
Declined: 0
Removed: 1
Note: To help you get your ads online, we may make some changes to comply with our Editorial Guidelines at

Ok, so I login to see which keyword and/or ad was removed.

yahoo ad removed

So I click on the notification and see the following.

yahoo ads editorial status

Are you kidding me Yahoo?  What ad or keyword was removed?  I suggest if you are going to do things like this you might as well send out notifications that say…

new yahoo editorial status

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